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COD4: Modern Warefare, SKATE, Mass Effect are amongst the titles previewed and reviewed in this must watch episode for all gamers.

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Meus Renaissance3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

I'll try to upload every episode from now on.

Watching the clip about Mass Effect personally made me wonder, having such a big menu screen of commands and weapons; wouldn't that slow down the gameplay?

Marty83703902d ago

Was'nt impressed with Mass Effect.

LSDARBY3902d ago

you name says it all tbh, but i didnt think much of it either. Looks just like perfect dark zero lol. And seems way too complicated, not very easy to pick up and play

Crazyglues3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Call of Duty 4 looks so amazing that if it doesn't go on to sell 4 million copies I'm going to be real upset at the gaming community, because it deserves to, it's really that amazing.

All those scenes you saw that you thought where Cut scenes where how the game actually looks, I've been on the beta day and night and it's unreal how good this game is, it's a must have if you own a 360 or a PS3, this is what next gen was all about.

The game is being compared to halo, as being one of those games you just love playing. Nuff Said. People it doesn't get better then this game, I don't work for the company I don't have shares in the stock, I just know a dam good game when I play it. And this one is one of the best, add it to your games I plan on buying list and then get it on the first day, because it's that good.

It really is amazing. I was about to write an entire blog about how good the game is. but I don't have time because I can't stop playing it... LoL

Ahmadinejad3902d ago

Call of duty looks f*cking awesome. i watched the long mass effect demo and it was good too.

"Just like all the PS3 exclusives, it came out on 360 first" haha, great.

ATLRoAcH3902d ago

I know I want COD:4 this November along with like 20 other games coming out.After seeing all the great reviews Skate has been getting I just may pick it up when its out on PS3.Maybe it will help keep me busy until November.

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