Super Computer Beats Jeopardy Champion – Science Fact

RipTen: "The machines are taking over . . . albeit slowly. First chess and now Jeopardy. How does a computer come up with answers to pop culture trivia questions? Beats me – but it’s just as scary as it is impressive."

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CrzyFooL2889d ago

I'm sorry, I can't do that Dave . . .

Wenis2889d ago

If the super computer has access to google then there is the answer

peppeaccardo2888d ago

I do work at IBM and I have been following the evolution of this project since day one.
It is more complicated then having access to Google.
It is more the way the algorithms to parse the questions are integrated within the Analytical processes.

Check the second video from this link:

Impressive nonetheless =:)

Hitman07692889d ago

I can do it!!!!! I can do it all night longT!!!!

Drjft2889d ago

"It's boring to have the same guy win. I'm actively rooting against myself." - Ken Jennings

Dude loves himself. Can't blame him for being that awesome though.

TheColbertinator2888d ago

Yeah.64 day won with 2 million in his account.I would hate to see his ego now

SMOK3xFFx2889d ago

And who made that super computer? That's right.

ezcex2888d ago

Look who made Skynet and see how that turned out....

Led-Zeppelin2888d ago

This is actually pretty scary.

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