Crytek Seeking iOS Devs – Trying Not to Point Out It’s For Games

RipTen: "The original Crysis was a behemoth of massive proportions, and not just for it’s graphical prowess. The physics engine was amazing, the gameplay was fresh, and Crytek would appear to be taking that to, wait for it ... mobile platforms?"

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CrzyFooL2499d ago

Crysis mobile - pew pew pew

Hitman07692499d ago

Crysis mobile, my god the robot apocalypse is near...

Drjft2499d ago

I'm predicting it's a stat tracking application or something similar. :)

Batmau52499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

With Dj Rift, maybe an effort to push Crysis 2 multiplayer. TAKE YOUR GAME WITH YOU.

Tachyon_Nova2499d ago

Mobile stats tracking would be awesome!

I'd reckon that Crytek would like to bring CryEngine 3 to iOS/Android soon in order to further counter Unreal Engine.

joeorc2499d ago

over to portable device's like the Iphone...

if you do not think so.. well

EPIC engine..check
IDsoft rage engine...check

do you think they want to pass up that porting their game engine over?

TABSF2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Well Nvidia is releasing with LG a Super Smart Phone (LG Optimus 2x with Tegra II) and the CryEngine 3 is now probably the most scalable platform.

However it does not seem to gimp the higher end platforms.
I think Nvidia and Crytek could work something, Apple and others will follow, Tegra is changing the market big time.

@ joeorc - not so much a port, its scaling.

joeorc2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

@ joeorc - not so much a port, its scaling.

that may not be the case , because it's not just making it scale there are many types of Arm core processor's an these guy's love to take advantage of those chip's an what they each may have in the Processor SOC die. they like to optimize for each platform they make their engine's for.

I am not so sure it would just be about scaleing as it is making their new code made for AMR cores. now not all arm cores because there is so many of but at least some that would have the umph and the direct idea that high end games could be a viable main use that the Hardware producer put into their device. As you can see Nvidia's x2 Tegra SOC is a perfect example of something their code could be optmized for.