Guardian - Mass Effect 2 (PS3) Review

Guardian - PlayStation space marines, you can cancel your defection to a rival console planet: Mass Effect has come to PS3. This re-release of the previously Xbox and PC-only RPG comes ahead of the multi-platform arrival of Mass Effect 3 this winter, which means that Sony types have got most of the year to get the hang of being Commander Shepard on a universe-saving mission.

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-Mezzo-2895d ago

Already Pre-Ordered it, Cannot wait to play this GOTY myself om (PS3).

jony_dols2895d ago

It is a great game, I wish I held out on buying the 360 version and the dlcs and got this instead....

Hellsvacancy2895d ago

Good things come to those mofos that wait, the 360 crowd are still waitin for there Uncharted 1

jarrod19812895d ago

i couldnt have waited a year to play it even if i knew it was comin to ps3 at the time. it was day one for me. this is great for ps3 only owners.

SeNiLesBack2894d ago

@jony Then you couldn't transfer your characters over. That makes no sense! You need to read this if you have both a PS3 and Xbox 360 or even a PC,

starchild2894d ago

I played through it on the PC and the 360. It's a fantastic game, but I don't think I will buy it for a third time. It is nice that PS3-only owners can finally play it.

jony_dols2894d ago


The only plus is that I was able to import my ME1 save. But then again because I already have ME1 on Xbox, and I know all the choices I made in it, all I'd have to do is choose them from the digital comic.

XP, weapons and other stuff doesn't get transfered over anyway so all that matters is the choices selected.

Did you not read about the OPM review where they said that planet mining had been streamlined in the PS3 version, that alone makes it worthy for purchase!

And my biggest grip about it having 2-disks was when you were nice and chilled back playing ME2 and then you find a side mission, you click on it and then its say 'please insert disk X', I wouldn't mind it that much but ME2 (12.5 gigs) is saved on my 360's HDD, why does it still require disk swapping.....

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BattleAxe2895d ago

I'll be picking this up next week. This will last me hopefully until Killzone 3 comes out. Anyone know how many hours it takes to finish ME2 on average?

MintBerryCrunch2895d ago


without all the sidequests

Kon2895d ago

@MintBerryCrunch : Nope, that is my time. I completed all the DLC missions, all the sidequests, explored all planets, and i finished the game in 23hours.

bacano2894d ago

@ Kon: you're rather quick. It took me more than 30 hours, but that's OK. I enjoyed the time I spent with it (EXCEPT for exploring planets).

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256bit2895d ago

...meh iam going to wait for hyperdemension neptune.

NeoBasch2895d ago

lol They said great story. ME1, sure, but definitely not ME2. By the way, just so you know, this review is partially wrong. You're never really given the chance to question Cerberus or confront them with their criminal acts from the first game as this review implies.

Blacktric2894d ago

"lol They said great story. ME1, sure, but definitely not ME2."

YOUR opinion. Story was revolving around a smaller scale threat compared to the first one but it doesn't mean it's for the worst. It's still as great as Mass Effect. And the review editor didn't mention anything about confronting Cerberus or its operatives.

NeoBasch2894d ago

"How much faith you put in a group that's official considered a terrorist outfit, and its sinister leader the Illusive Man, is entirely your decision.)"

Well, you're wrong. I'm here to say ME2 doesn't give you that chance and doesn't care how much faith or lack thereof you have. And this here is also one of the reasons why ME2's story was bad. Also, most characters never even comment on the matter, and when you do meet Ashley or Kaidan, you can't agree with 'em.

Where's the choice again?

Rageanitus2895d ago

Umm i just downloaded the demo on PS3... and I though they said it was the best version of the 3... seriously I noticed 2 problems imediatly. the resolution was not that high and the black shadows on the face and clothing overlapped the other textures quite a bit on many scenes.

Kon2895d ago

You must know that the best version is on PC, then Xbox and PS3.

Rageanitus2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

I own the PC version and yes its the best version, I do see some of the textures better on the PS3 vs the xbox... But I also played the xbox version and the shaders seem a bit more consistant.
Im a strong Ps3 supporter but I dont support something like this when the game is 1 year old and charging full price.

BattleAxe2895d ago

I just wish the PC version had native 360 controller support, otherwise I would have just bought it on Steam.

Rageanitus2894d ago

Indeed this was a game designed with a controller in mind. Not sure why they did not allow this game to play with multiple types of gamepads.

starchild2894d ago

I have played the PC and 360 versions all the way through as well as the PS3 demo. What Kon said is absolutely true. PC version > 360 version > PS3 version. Unless they make some miraculous changes from the demo to the full game (which almost never happens in my experience).

The PC version can obviously be ran at very high resolutions and framerates and is definitely the best if you have the option. The 360 version and PS3 version are the same except for a steadier frame rate and virtual lack of screen tearing on the 360 version compared to a more stuttering frame rate and fairly frequent screen tearing on the PS3 version.

The core game remains unchanged and will be enjoyable no matter which of the three platforms you play it on.

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jack_burt0n2895d ago

Of course its a step down from the pc version but its alot better than the 360 version.

Kon2895d ago

It is only better because it have the DLC included. Only this. it isn't "alot" better. You can disagree all you want, but that is the truth.

MysticStrummer2894d ago

I didn't have a problem with the visuals. The gameplay was just a big letdown. Maybe the demo doesn't represent the full game very well...?

49erguy2895d ago

Not much of a review for someone who has NEVER played it EVER. Like me; it'll be my first experience with the series besides the demo. They said the graphics are noticeably better. If the part where you walk through the quiet blue area (in demo) with the floating chairs is any indication, it will look phenomenal on PS3!

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