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Submitted by averyzoe 1779d ago | news

Loughner’s Earth Empires Ramblings Released To The Public

Jared Loughner has played the online game Earth Empires for years, and his postings on the Earth Empires forums give a glimpse of the mind behind the man. (Culture, Earth Empires)

jc48573  +   1780d ago
he looks like he's indeed mentally ill.
rroded  +   1780d ago
since they shaved his head ya but the ol pics ive seen he looks freakishly normal
dont think this is really n4g worthy tho reading a bit more of this guys stuff clearly shows hes not playing with a full deck.
Wenis  +   1780d ago

Dude is clearly crazy. Personally if I read the posts without knowing who he was I'd actually think he was trolling
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Focker420  +   1780d ago
I don't understand why hes still alive. I'm all for the justice system, but when something like this happens the guy should be executed immediately. A mass murderer, and there are fifty witnesses to the crime. Its an open and shut case, just kill him. He does not deserve another breathe on this planet.

The sad thing is he'll probably take an insanity plea and won't even get the death penalty, let alone spend any time in prison. Thats another thing if someone is declared insane after taking another person's life, why the hell are we keeping them around?? They aren't gonna get any better, and if they're gonna pump em full of drugs so that they won't even know who or where they are, why are they around.

"Sorry he killed your loved ones, but its ok cause he is insane. Instead of killing the bastard, we'll just keep him on drugs from now on."

I mean thats just awful for the victims families to live with that, knowing the killer has the right to still be alive. I guarantee this piece of sh!t will go for the insanity plea.
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MAJ0R  +   1779d ago
I doubt he will ever be executed because he is mentally ill
AKS  +   1779d ago

I'm glad you aren't in charge if execution/ genocide is your solution to dealing with the mentally ill.

You are also speaking from a position of ignorance regarding medical treatment of psychotic disorders.

"they're gonna pump em full of drugs so that they won't even know who or where they are, why are they around."

He's behaving in this manner because there is a significant problem with the chemistry within his brain (most likely an overproduction and excessive uptake of dopamine; that's the oversimplified version, anyway). I think stabilizing him with medication and finding out more about him and what was going on that led to this tragic event makes a lot more sense than on-the-spot executions. Your "solutions" to deal with the mentally ill sound like methods used by mass murdering dictators we tend to view as the most revolting people in mankind's history. For example, Hitler included the mentally ill in his Tiergartenstrasse-4 genocide program.

Perhaps we should focus on improving the health and mental health of our citizens rather than on executing the mentally ill who did not get the care they needed leading to this type of horrible catastrophe. It would also help to overhaul our weak background check system currently used, which may have prevented him from acquiring the firearm used to kill and wound his victims.
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Focker420  +   1779d ago
I'm not saying every mentally ill patient should be executed by any means. This guy may have been mentally unstable, but he knew exactly what he was doing when he went into that store and opened fire on innocent civilians. He has a grip on reality, and wasn't actually 'insane'. Based on reading his posts he just never had a good life. He was depressed, not 'insane'. Like I said he knows exactly what he did and knows it was wrong.

This isn't some insane maniac, he was just a pissed off kid that couldn't get his way in life. I feel he deserves immediate execution. He ruined the lives of countless people and the only justice there should be is his death. You say we should help this person, I think its a little too late for that. I would help him myself with a lethal injection, and I'd do it with a smile on my face in the same way he brutally murdered and injured all of those people. They did nothing to this guy, and he stole their lives from them. I have no sympathy for him at all, mentally unstable or not.
AKS  +   1779d ago

"This isn't some insane maniac, he was just a pissed off kid that couldn't get his way in life."

Yeah? This is how a guy who is just bitter and down on his luck acts?

You really don't know what you're talking about. This guy has severe mental health problems. Execution on sight is now how you deal with the mentally ill. We at least need to stabilize this guy and figure out what's going on with him.

Also, I did not say that you would execute every mentally ill person, but you did state "...but when something like this happens the guy should be executed immediately," implying that you would execute mentally ill people every time they commit a violent crime like this without even evaluating them or their situation. Your "solution" to dealing with insanity is committing insane acts. That is the way I'd expect warring factions or tribes in a desolate third world country in anarchy might act in desperate times, not citizens of the United States.
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ThanatosDMC  +   1779d ago
He looks like the guy that shot the congresswoman and other federal employees...
tdogg06051991  +   1779d ago
It looks like he tried to use
a for of Aristotle's logic statements.
All men are mortals
All Socrates are men
All Socrates are mortals
But its to crude and vague to be valid. This guy really needs help.
SMOK3xFFx  +   1780d ago
Apparently he's aware his posts don't make sense.

One of his threads - "Oh No...Its one of dares fucking FUCKING FUCKING stupid posts....."
Focker420  +   1780d ago
Ya, most of his posts I was sitting there like wtf is he even saying. He tries to sound smart but really hes just retarted. He was in summer school for a third time, and all he did was blame the school system. He kept getting fired and never could get with a chick. I can't say I'm surprised at all based on his posts.

I think he was planning something long before the shooting ever occured. Some of the threads he started were based on uncontrollable aggression, rape, rejection, solitude, prison, and murder. Some of the things he was saying were very disturbing, and it was very clear he was unstable.

I will say it was interesting to read what was going through the mind of a killer. Its still an unreal tragedy for the victims and their families. I'll never get used to the sadness of an innocent getting murdered.
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averyzoe  +   1780d ago
I agree--seeing unguarded forum posts gives a very unique perspective that is interesting and sad at the same time.
iceman06  +   1779d ago
His posts really seem to be like one who is slipping in and out of periods of lucidity/sanity and paranoid manic ramblings. It's clear that this is a person who could have and should have consulted a psychiatrist AND a psychologist. He was obviously depressed, clearly seeking attention of any kind, not always coherent or lucid, and a bit paranoid. I think his references to the stupid posts were probably because OTHER forum posters would make comments about how stupid (WTF???) his posts were.
OpiZA  +   1779d ago
Completely nuts
RememberThe357  +   1779d ago
This says something about the internet community.
We're all OK! This is what real insanity looks like. Everything else is just dudes being assholes.
PS_Family  +   1779d ago
He looks sane to me.
SpLinT  +   1779d ago
sounds legit to me. id buy him a drink
Megaton  +   1779d ago
Now that's a mugshot. All you other potential criminals and mass murderers take note.

This might get me to think twice about what I respond with in forums. Who knows when one of you weirdos fly off the handle, then I become Poster_X when they publish your post logs.
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ct03  +   1779d ago
It's so creepy how he's smiling and seemingly enjoying the situation he's in.
level 360  +   1779d ago
Clearly society and a lot of cruel circumstance has pushed this man to the brink.
Strikepackage Bravo  +   1779d ago
People like YOU my friend are societies biggest problem.

This man is insane, and what he did is no ones fault but his.

You create more douche bags like this guy when you allow society to take the blame for the wrongs of individuals.

Personal responsibility has become a rare concept thanks to ignorant people like yourself.
Tribulation4  +   1779d ago
But if this Mass Murder was driven by his politics wouldnt that be a problem caused by society?
iceman06  +   1779d ago
I will agree that he made the choices that led to the situation that he put himself in (the actual taking of a gun and murdering innocents). However, society has to play a part in it. His inability to "fit" into society led to his feelings of isolation and desolation. Societal pressures were placed on a man that couldn't take them (because of his altered mental state). If he spoke everyday as he did in his posts, then it was obvious that he was depressed and altered. Once again, I am NOT blaming society for the tragedy. That was HIS doing. Nor am I saying that society drove him to it. But, society has an effect on an individual as much as that individual effects society.
Mista T  +   1779d ago
He overthinks about things wayyyyy too much. yet the answer to his questions are very simple.
iceman06  +   1779d ago
It looks like he thought that there was some hidden answers to the simple questions. His ramblings appeared to be like his mind was churning out these random thoughts and notions that he couldn't digest (because his mind kept going). Hang out with a Bipolar person off of meds and this is the kind of stuff you might hear. (at least in the manic phase)
-Gespenst-  +   1779d ago
Reading his posts, it's nearly impossible to understand what he's trying to say. Is he from some foreign country or something??
Focker420  +   1779d ago
Arizona, the heat will fry your brain. I lived in Pheonix for a year and I'd say 80% of the people I encountered were extremely overweight and really dumb.
gypsygib  +   1779d ago
Loughner quote:

"Being alone for a very long time will inevitably lead you to rape."

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rataranian  +   1779d ago
Ok enough with this guy already. Stop giving him any more attention. He killed a bunch of people, now he'll be put away for good. That's all we needed to know. The end. We already know he's crazy. We dont need to keep seeing articles about why he did it or that he played video games, or that he ate food, took shits, went to bed, ect.

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