Tomb Raider Trilogy details

Check out a bunch of details regarding Tomb Raider Trilogy.

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Kamikaze1352893d ago

No DLC? I'm not buying it then.

Quagmire2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Get a life.

EDIT: Are you serious? You risk the purchase of 3 games on on disc for the lower price of a normal retail game, just because of the lack of some stupid DLC?

Kamikaze1352893d ago

So you can't respect my opinion and wonder why people ask you not to be rude? I'm not a huge fan, but if I can't get the complete experience, I'm not buying it.

Maybe you're the one who should "get a life" since you're the one who came in here just to tell me that and not properly comment on the news article. I'm not a fan of the series to begin with so the exclusion of the DLC is what will sway me away from this collection.

egidem2893d ago

I was gonna say that it's his opinion. If you don't like it fine, say so but with some respect.

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MysticStrummer2893d ago

Calling these games the Tomb Raider Trilogy is an insult to the superior TR games that came before them. If it was the actual TR1, 2, and 3 I'd be interested.

badz1492892d ago

"collection" is a better term!

tigertron2892d ago

Its three games, legends is a sequel to anniversary and underworld is a sequel to legends, henceforth, its a trilogy.

badz1492892d ago

Anniversary is the 1st Tomb Raider remake, right? how's Legend its direct sequel? if so, what's Tomb Raider 2 and 3 then?

clank5432893d ago

I really liked these games. The original Tomb Raider games feel like relics now, but these hold up pretty well. Anniversary is easily the best in the package, but the others aren't bad either. Underworld is a little glitchy, though, with some really wonky animations.

tigertron2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Dev. team has “reworked the highest available assets from both Legend and Anniversary and this has included reusing some of the HD textures from both the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the games”

Reusing SOME textures? that doesn't sound good. =/ They'd better keep their word and make the first 2 the definitive versions because I'm considering buying them, always wanted to play legends in HD.

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