Online Gamer Dies After 3 Day Online Marathon

A man in southern China collapsed and died after a three-day marathon online session at a cybercafe, state media reported on Monday.

The web-user, estimated to be 30 years old, suddenly collapsed in front of his computer terminal in Guangdong province, and emergency personnel were unable to revive him, the Beijing News reported.

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DrPirate3811d ago


Gaming, not an addication huh?

Some people lose control, it's not their fault and they can get help.

This shouldn't have happened, there should have been intervention.

JsonHenry3811d ago

Nah, it is not an addiction. Not any more than watching sports, golfing, or wacking off is. It is just how you choose to spend your free time.

The problem with gaming is all the caffeine and lack of sleep. You can be dead tired and still manage to play a video game with the help of huge amounts of caffeine. But try doing almost any other hobby when you are that tired and it just won't happen.

This sort of thing seems to happen all the time in Asia for some reason though. I think like a South Korean a week dies from doing gaming marathons.

V2oom3811d ago

After 3 days he just killed himself.

Keowrath3811d ago

Jeez, it's real funny to make jokes about the dead huh? HAHA you managed to pop a Sony insult in this thread! Genius!... You're an idiot! Not quite as bad as some of the idiots who posted in the Mcrae thread but damn have a little respect! Or is that too much to ask?

JsonHenry3811d ago

Lol, the funny thing is I was thinking the same thing too! You could take a nap while waiting to get into a Warhawk game. (sometimes)

And don't listen to the guy above me. Humor should always be welcome. You were not making fun of the dead guy (not that it should matter if you were anyway) so don't feel bad.

crck3811d ago

I got Warhawk last friday and it has NEVER taken me more then 2 minutes to find a RANKED game(usually 1st or 2nd try). BTW his post was in bad taste. To use someone's death to troll is pretty pathetic.

Wii60_FTW3810d ago

HAHAHAHAHA LMAO. SO TRUE. or he was waiting for ps3 to get a good game.

risk3810d ago

no...he was waiting for halo to have a proper ending.

Optimus Prime3810d ago

instead of getting your panties in a twist, take a freaking joke and not a dumb comment that no one laughs at.

FirstknighT3810d ago

This kid was up 3 straight days probably downing energy drinks and crazy amounts of caffeine and lord only knows what else.... I don't have pity for the dumb.

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P4KY B3811d ago

It really is THAT good!
I think i put in over 12 hours myself at the weekend.

nobizlikesnowbiz3810d ago

That Beta has eaten up ALL my free time lately.

It's ridiculous. I think I've almost logged 2 days on it.

11500 kills and counting...

DEADEND3811d ago

That's really messed up when someone dies from playing video games too much, if my girlfriend read this she would butch to me about how stupid video games are and that I need to give it a rest(which will never happen because I'll keep playing until I have Grand kids). But there are people out there that can not stop playing, it become a addictions to them.

What's even worse is when people become fanboys and find it is there duty to protect a system when they aren't even getting paid by the same company they are defending(I can easily name some fanboys on this site that does that but I won't because I wont steep to their level).

Staircase3811d ago

Wow. I am addicted to gaming, but my body just won't let me play for more than 4 hours without getting up and doing something else. And i would never be able to stay up for more than 24 hours. I find it so odd how people can manage this without some sign from their body that they need to do something else.

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