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"If you missed out on my last post you would know that Sony has official released their official app, but you might be wondering how it fares in delivering content." - JPS

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admiralvic2499d ago

Good to see a nice little write up on it.

jbl3162499d ago

The PlayStation App is lookin fancy..

MightyMark4272499d ago

agreed, now I want it on my iPad and iPhone 4!

danmachine2499d ago

you have no excuse not to have already downloaded it seeing as its FREE.....

Blaze9292499d ago

how about the excuse that it's, for some reason, still not available in North America?

admiralvic2499d ago

I agree with blaze, I had no issues with it in the US so there's no real excuse past not being able to.

killajd2499d ago

That APK u downloaded was from Europe. So when u get news or goto the blog its for europe

killajd2499d ago

Also I have no idea whats taking so long with the us release

uwazir2499d ago

if you have a jailbroken iphone and have installous its available to download for all u people outside europe