MicroBot Review [Game Revolution]

"It's true that surgeons now train with video games, replacing joysticks with forceps and scalpels, but Microbot goes deeper." ~ Daniel Bischoff

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samurailincoln2892d ago

I think this review is a little generous. I thought it was a good enough game, but if I were to use the letter grade scale like these guys I probably would've given it a C+ or B-. At some points it just felt like it was dragging on slowly. The music was way too ambient as well.

stormeagle62891d ago

I saw this game at EA's last preview event and thought it looked really cool. Seems like the kinda quirky downloadable game that would be fun for some of the more open-minded people out there.

Koolaye2891d ago

Sounds interesting, I'll download the trial.