DC Universe Online – Trophy Guide

The latest MMO from Sony Online Entertainment, and their first on the PS3, DC Universe Online is set in the world of the DC Comic Book Super Heroes. Unlike most games, the title has no bronze trophies and instead has 3 silver, 10 gold and 1 platinum.

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doctorstrange2888d ago

I was unsure if MMOs on console would work, but DCUO is a stellar title.

Focker4202887d ago

I've been loving it so far, can't wait to see what the raids are all about. I haven't even tried to make a villain yet. Theres just so much to do. It'll be intresting to see how much they add into the monthly updates.

Vherostar2887d ago

I love it too it feels more like an action title than an MMO I think its the first game to actually achieve this and could do well in teh future because of it.

King20082887d ago

I agree, I just reached level 23 and I still can barely put it down. I'm just hoping for more content before I reach the level cap.

despair2887d ago

even at level cap there are quite a few things to do.

Lannient2887d ago

Just a quick question, is the level cap 30?

Vherostar2887d ago

Yes its 30 but theres supposedly a ton of things to do at 30 and with monthly updates you should be plenty busy. The auction house is coming also in the first update.

dragon822887d ago

As long as they support it well this game has the potential to be a huge success.

Bolts2887d ago

This game is actually damn good! Unfortunately it's one of the victim of Geo Hotz trial as all the good news get swept under the rug. This and LPB2, there isn't much press about that. Way to focus on the negative Sony.

nefertis2887d ago

alman some of the servers are full, u cant even get in. going back too play dc universe online.