The 100 most anticipated games of 2011

Clear your calendar. Prepare your wallet

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EL1TE2444d ago

Clear your wallet, you're going bankrupt"

Fixed :)

ATiElite2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

Hollywoods 2011 movie line up is not so great which is good cause I wont be going to the theaters, too busy buying and playing games.

Battlefield 3 PC is my must buy as it ditches DX9
Rage Pc, The Witcher 2, Diablo 3, Crysis 2 PC, Tera, Portal 2 Pc, Vindictus, Star Wars The Old Republic, Elder Scroll V PC, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Pc, Mass Effect 3 PC, Dragon Age 2 PC, Guild Wars 2 Pc, Killzone 3 PS3, Uncharted 3 PS3, inFamous 2 PS3, Dead Space 2 PC, Duke Nukem Forever Pc, Red Faction: Armageddon PC

I feel 2011 is gonna be the greatest year in gaming ever.

I know I left about 10 off the list and 2012 is gonna be good too HL2 ep3 Doom 4 STALKER 2 Far Cry 3 Metro 2034 Forged by Chaos Dust 514

AndrewRyan2444d ago

I saw Diablo 3 at #100 and closed my browser.

lelo2play2443d ago

I completely agree... Diablo 3 at #100 is a joke. It should be #1.

ATiElite2443d ago

I thought the list was in no particular order but then I saw Mass Effect 3 at #1 then I said wait a minute.

Diablo 3 Guild Wars 2 and Battlefield 3 are wanted by a lot of gamers but since they are PC specific they don't get a lot of publicity. Gamers have been waiting on these 3 sequels for
Diablo 3 - 11 years
Guild wars 2 - 6 years
Battlefield 3 - 6 years

the old titles are still heavily played which shows you the quality and support of the Developers. I agree these titles should be higher on the list but then again I like that the PC isn't the media favorite but a private club of gamers and developers who have their own secrets.

schlanz2443d ago

Seriously Diablo 3 at 100 is an insult to my good tastes. It should be no further from the top 10.

TheLastGuardian2442d ago

Theres too many games. How am I supposed to want a new IP more than a sequel in a series I already love? I can understand this list coming from games journalist but for a gamer like me who only has a PS3 and PSP for current gen systems, my top 10 most anticipated games are all PS3 exclusives.

I do want alot of multiplatform games too but if I don't get enough money this year, I might buy only PS3 exclusives. My top 10 most anticipated games for 2011 are...

1. Twisted Metal
2. Uncharted 3
3. The Last Guardian
4. LittleBigPlanet 2
5. inFAMOUS 2
6. Resistance 3
7. Killzone 3
8. Motorstorm Apocalypse
9. Team Ico Collection
10. Socom 4

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killershadow1172444d ago

I know, so many good games! I am personally looking forward to Portal 2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

trainsinrdr2444d ago

skyrim will be better than every other game on the list combined

TheLastGuardian2442d ago

Twisted Metal will be better than every game on the list combined.


MarioWarfare2444d ago

lol I haven't even heard of some of these games, Zelda SS, Uncharted 3, Gears of war 3, last guardian and lbp 2 for me this year.

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