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A year after the first HD collection released on the PS3, Sony has continued to bring back the PlayStation 2′s greatest games, this time with The Sly Collection. Consisting of the first three games in the series, as well as a mini-game collection, can The Sly Collection possibly live up to the standards The God of War Collection offered, or was this series better left in the past?

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doctorstrange2809d ago

I really hope that they're developing Sly 4.

wolfehound222809d ago

Ya this was the first time I've played all three, and now I want the forth one.

doctorstrange2809d ago

This was what they were planning - get people hooked and then bring out 4

Toman852809d ago

Played all on the PS2, and now im playin it on my PS3 with updated graphics and trophies, it can't get better than this!

doctorstrange2809d ago

Are a great idea from Sony, can't wait for more.

BigWoopMagazine2809d ago

I never got to play these games before. I might give it a go eventually, once I grind through my enormous pile of Xmas games.

doctorstrange2809d ago

I'd definitely recommend em, highly enjoyable games