Tomb Raider Trilogy PS3: Vast Visual Improvement Over 360 Versions

Crystal Dynamics’ Karl Stewart has been collecting questions about the upcoming collection and has released some official answers to gamer’s concerns about the package. One of the questions asked was about the graphics of each game. An individual asked whether the graphics were similar, better, or worse, and the answer will please PS3 owners.

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MGRogue20172770d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

.... but unfortunately, the use of quincunx AA makes it so that all the textures are blurred out & lose quality.. so that texture improvement work is a waste of time..

Unless of course, they're using their own type of AA..

Trroy2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Why on earth would they use quincunx, when so many better options are available (like MLAA), and the orignal games have been revamped?

MGRogue20172769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

'Cause that's what most multi-platform devs use for their PS3 ports.. even after MLAA was discovered/made..

therapist2769d ago

here's what the ps3 uses so far, and some of the scary low resolutions used by todays consoles just to get a "playable framerate"

360 is even worse!

Alone in the Dark = 1120x630 (no AA)
Army of Two = 1280x720 (no AA)
Assassin's Creed = 1280x720 (QAA)
Battlefield: Bad Company = 1280x720 (no AA)
Beijing 2008 = 1024x768 (no AA)
Beowulf = 1280x720 (no AA)
Bioshock = 680p (no AA, blur filter)
Bourne Conspiracy, The (demo) = 1280x720 (no AA)
Burnout: Paradise = 1280x720 (2xAA)
Call of Duty 3 (screenshot) ~1088x624 (2xAA)
Call of Duty 4 = 1024x600 (2x AA)
Call of Duty: World at War = 1024x600 (2x AA)
Cars Mater-National = 1280x720 (QAA), 1920x1080 (QAA)
Conan (demo) = 1024x576 (no AA)
Condemned 2 = 1280x720 (no AA)
Conflict: Denied Ops = 1280x720 (no AA) or 960x1080
Dark Sector = 1152x640 (no AA)
Darkness, The (demo) = 1024x576 (no AA)
Dead Space = 1280x720 (no AA)
Def Jam Icon (screenshot) = 1152x648 (no AA)
Devil May Cry 4 = 1280x720 (2xAA, temporal)
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion = 1280x720 (no AA)
FaceBreaker = 1280x720 (QAA), 960x1080
Fallout 3 = 1280x720 (no AA)
Far Cry 2 = 1274x692 (QAA, centered on 720p window)
Fifa Street 3 = 1920x1080 (no AA)
Full Auto 2 (demo) = 1920x1080 (4x AA)
Fracture = 1152x648 (no AA)
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 = 1280x720
Golden Axe: Beast Rider = 1280x720 (no AA, blur filter)
Golden Compass = 1280x720 (no AA)
Grand Theft Auto IV = 1152x640 (no AA)
GT5 Prologue (demo) = 1080p mode is 1280x1080 (2xAA) in-game while the garage/pit/showrooms are 1920x1080 with no AA. 720p mode is 1280x720 (4xAA)
Guitar Hero 3 = 1040x585 (no AA)
Guitar Hero Aerosmith = 1040x585 (no AA)
Guitar Hero World Tour = 1040x585 (no AA)
Haze (demo) = 1024x576 (2xAA)
Heavenly Sword = 1280x720 (4xAA)
Incredible Hulk = 1280x720 (no AA), 960x1080 (no AA)
Jericho (demo) = 996x560 (2x AA)
Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights = 1280x720 (QAA)
Kung Fu Panda = 1280x720 (no AA), 960x1080 (no AA)
Lair = 800x1080 (2xAA) - AA buffers are merged to produce 1600x1080 for further scaling
Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, The = 1280x720 (no AA)
Legendary = 1280x720 (no AA)
LEGO: Batman = 1280x720 (no AA, slight blur filter)
LEGO: Indiana Jones = 1280x720 (no AA), 960x1080 (no AA)
Lord of the Rings: Conquest = 640p (no AA)
Lost Planet = 1280x720 (temporal 2xAA)
Madden NFL '09 = 1280x720 (no AA)
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (screenshot) = 1920x1080 (no AA)
Mercenaries 2: World in Flames = 1280x720 (no AA)
Metal Gear Online = 1024x768 (2xAA, temporal)
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot = 1024x768 (2xAA, temporal)
Midnight Club: Los Angeles = 960x720 (QAA)
Mirror's Edge = 1280x720 (no AA)
MK vs DC = 1024x576 (QAA)
MLB08: The Show = 1280x720 (2xAA) - The rendering window is adjustable down to 576p without upscaling to

Trroy2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )


I can't find any games later than 2008 on your list...

Why not?

callahan092769d ago

Does it look as good as the PC versions? I have them all on Steam. Probably won't buy the Trilogy against on PS3, but maybe I would. They were fun games, the trophies could be a fun reason to play them again.

ChristianGamer2769d ago

Wait, weren't these games already on ps3? They are remastering current gen games now? Wow...just, wow

Kamikaze1352769d ago

Only Underworld is on the PS3...the reason it's included is because it's the last game in the trilogy.

ExplosionSauce2769d ago

I've yet to play Anniversary and Underworld. Although I didn't care for Underworld much. I'll get it for Anniversary and Legend, which I haven't played since PS2.

thats_just_prime2769d ago

I still think it will just be a releasin of the games on one disc. Till the show screenshots and this HD improve graphics is just PR BS.

TANUKI2769d ago

A little bit of research and being a little open minded, would have told you the answer.

Bigpappy2769d ago

I am playing through the recent version of tumb raider right now because of the co-op (a lot of fun). I don't think I will be playing the trilogy as there in no co-op. If I do decide to play it though, how it looks on PS3 will not add to or subtract from my motivation to do so.

I never payed a game on 360 and wonder whether or not it looked better on PS3.

ShinMaster2769d ago

Cool story.
But with your history, I don't think we care or believe a word.

Bathyj2769d ago

No wait, this is a breakthrough. Bookmark this page.

Now go tell your brethern what you said and them tell them WE, Playstation owners dont care if LoT or Edge magazine says New Generic Military Shooter #453 has an extra shadow or 3 smoother pixels on that burnt out car on the Xbox version.

I think were getting somewhere.

Next up, peace in the Middle East.

killershadow1172769d ago

Wait, I thought this was PS3 exclusive

YourFlyness2769d ago

over the individual games on 360

killershadow1172769d ago

Ah, thanks. My stupidity blocked that out when I read the article apparently.

Tony-A2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Damn, too late. Stupid slow connection. haha

sarshelyam2769d ago

...are we (PS3 owners) still out the "Beneath the Ashes" & "Lara's Shadow" DLC for Tomb Raider: Underworld?

Missed opportunity I think!

PirateThom2769d ago

DLC isn't included on the disc and I doubt it will be available as DLC.

Gothdom2769d ago

That's the reason I won't buy this.

sarshelyam2769d ago

Which is a rather silly move...and whomever gave me a disagree is just silly themselves. Why wouldn't you want the content. Are you against getting more in favor of less?

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