..PlayStation Move strategy to focus on 'more core titles,' says Sony's Koller

John Koller, director of hardware marketing for PlayStation, acknowledged to the Wall Street Journal that Microsoft's 8 million shipped Kinect units amount to a "very impressive" figure, though he assured that his company is still "happy where we are in the market" with Move. As of the end of November, Sony had shipped 4.1 million units of its motion controller and believes it has an edge over Microsoft in the race to earn the hard-won affections of the "hardcore" consumer. That's you, right?

"The limitations are such that you can't create all the games you want to do," Koller suggested of Kinect, implying that Microsoft's controller-less technoloy lacks the precision control necessary to support so-called "core" titles -- just what Sony has in mind for Move in the coming months.

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DualConsoleOwner2892d ago

the difference of this year's line up shows that PS3 is the only left true hardcore console especially since Xbox 360 is going skittles on us.

deadreckoning6662892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Its always good to cater to hardcore gamers...but we all know that they represent the minority when it comes to the broad spectrum of things. Sony KNOWS they need to do better with marketing and casual games to reel in mainstream gamers.

Uncharted 2 was the first step. It was basically an action movie with great graphics, fantastic dialouge, and an awesome lead character. Games like these appeal to the masses.

Sony needs to advertise the shit out of Killzone 3, Infamous 2, Uncharted 3, and Resistance 3. If this generation has proven anything, its that having the "best" games doesn't mean anything unless consumers KNOW you have the best games.

@Bigpappy- If anything, the problem with Sony is that they cater to the hardcore too much. Why release 20+ exclusive games in one year when the average PS3 gamer barely buys one or two?

They should concentrate more on advertising Move and showing the mainstream why its "better" than Kinect. They also need to advertise PS3 exclusives more. Its better for Sony to release 4-5 PS3 exclusives in one year and concentrate on advertising the hell out of those, than have to worry about marketing 20+ exclusives in 12 months.

MrBeatdown2892d ago

"Why release 20+ exclusive games in one year when the average PS3 gamer barely buys one or two?"


-Alpha2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Where did you get that the average PS3 gamer buys one or two?

I sincerely doubt Sony will release all its biggest games in 2011 anyway. Some will likely be delayed to 2012, which of course is good for my wallet.

So long as Sony evens out the releases in tune then it ought not to be a problem. They have a wide variety of audiences so I don't see it being much of a problem.

As for advertising, I agree. KB ads are effective but MS has really strong advertising without the need for a mascot. Ads for Fable 3, Reach, Gears have been better in creating hype and emotion than any other ad I've seen from Kevin Butler. The use of a musical score and CGI works really well. But I guess it depends on strategy. Sony goes for the humor and MS tends to go for the serious ads.

I just would like to see some of the epic PS3 trailers made into ads as I feel they would generate so much hype if it was on TV (New Orleans ad for iNFamous 2 would be better than a KB ad because the trailer speaks volumes on the game as opposed to another comedy skit)

Nathaniel_Drake2892d ago

Why release 20+ exclusive games in one year when the average PS3 gamer barely buys one or two? You criticize a gaming console for bringing out....TOO MANY GAMES?!?!!?!?!?

OH GOD Kinect's success numbers are really minimizing gamer's logical senses.

DualConsoleOwner2892d ago

I loled... bringing out too many games is bad thing??

cry more.. and i will laugh more

cereal_killa2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Dead aka Meg Griffin please STFU

for a guy who says he owns a PS3 you bitch way to much about the stupidest thing to many games is now a problem Sony fans only buy 1 or 2 games where are you getting you info from Micheal Pachter.

Off Topic I have a BETA code for Battlefield but I think it's a code for the PC (it's a 16 digit code) if any PC gamers want this code pm me

2891d ago
thereapersson2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

"If anything, the problem with Sony is that they cater to the hardcore too much. Why release 20+ exclusive games in one year when the average PS3 gamer barely buys one or two?"

My PS3 game collection isn't even that large, but probably 75 percent of my game library is all ps3-exclusive titles.

Since when did we go from "TEH PS3 HAZ NO GAEMS" of 3 years ago, to comments like yours?

firefoxprime2891d ago

You know what?

I say screw the mainstream gamer. I don't need to water down my core titles to spoon-feed the mainstream market. "Oh! the PS3! It can do Everything!" Who do you think that was directed at? I say shove the casual market in a box, ship it to Iraq so some troops can have some target practice.

maniacmayhem2891d ago

I think Dead has a point...i think.

"Why release 20+ exclusive games in one year when the average PS3 gamer barely buys one or two?"

Too me what he saying is that bringing out a pile of "sony" games too close to each other will cannibilize each others sales. Bringing out 4-5 spaced out over 12 months will makes sure that each of them will sell to its fullest potential.

gaden_malak2891d ago

Curious how they buy 1 or 2 games when most, if not all, (recent) exclusive have sold extremely well.

Moentjers2891d ago

i have a tv next to my ps3 tft and in fact when you watch tv, you do see Sony pubs.

Jezuz2891d ago

yeah, deadreckoning is right. Releasing too many exclusives near to other exclusives is bad since most people won't buy 3 games all together at once.

callahan092891d ago

I would like to see the latest Killzone 3 story trailer played in movie theaters during the advertisements before the show. It's a very effective trailer, gets you so hyped up! Shows awesome graphics and action and gets your excited for what seems like it'll be a very intriguing and epic sci-fi action story. I think people seeing that as a trailer before their movie, on the big screen, would get a lot of people interested that wouldn't otherwise have been.

badz1492891d ago

many games = bad thing now, ha? FUCKING HILLARIOUS! ps3 console review for 2011 = 5/10! reason: too many games! LOL

morganfell2891d ago

Keep you jumping up and down and your red ball kicking dead. I'll buy 100 games a year if Sony keeps bringing them to the real gaming audience. Not grandma. Not a soccer mom. Not Uncle Bob. A gamer to whom gaming matters.

There is often this discussion about what a constitutes a gamer and I take the side of people that say all of the individuals that game simply because of some title where they wave their hands or run in place are not real gamers.

You do not see those people lined up month after month for a midnight launch. You do not see those individuals basing their monthly budget around games. You do not see those people up until 5 in the morning trying to complete a particularly difficult level. And you do not see those persons skipping a board meeting to get an imaginary trophy or achievement.

I am glad Sony is staying the course and it is laughable to hear such a comment. What is next? Sony has too many studios and should do as MS and sell them all to cater Aunt Betty, a person who thinks strafing is what Japanese planes did in WWII?

No thanks. No thanks. I'll keep buying those core game and you enjoy your twice a year adventure park titles.

madpuppy2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I think of it this way...what the heck use is a console without games? It is just a dusty plastic box sitting around doing nothing. I never thought I would see the day that people would try to spin the idea that less games a year is so much better. I guess that is because MS has nothing to show so far this year. because you know darn sure that if it was the other way around all anyone would be hearing on N4g and around the web is "The PS3 has no games".

Personally, I say pump out those games, I didn't buy 2 ps3's just to look pretty.

Also, who buys every game that comes out? out of the 20 or so first party games that might be released this year I have to guess that they will be different genres', Not everyone is just going to blindly buy everything that gets released. they are only going to buy what they think looks good. Uncharted, for example, I'm sure there are people out there that have no interest in the adventures of Nathan Drake but, are totally interested in INfamous 2.

No matter how you spin it, a big games library is a GOOD THING for a console owner. having a large variety of games released in a year, or every year is a great thing. I repeat, there is no way you can convince me that releasing a lot of games a year is a bad thing for the console owner (insert gamer).

Areeb112891d ago

See this is how you do it... you don't adapt the games to suit the peripheral;
you adapt the peripheral to better suit the games
watch and learn Microsoft!

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-Alpha2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

The PC and (3)DS are pretty hardcore IMO. Guess it depends on your definition but to me the PC and DS have catered to core gamers really well too.

Casual games are fun! Unfortunately much of the time the casual audience is easily susceptible to gimmicky games-- games that are shallow and try to go off of "Family" brand values.

To me that's the real issue. It's not necessarily that casual games are bad but that most shovelware is shallow and thus somewhat aimed at the casual audience that doesn't look for long term investment/depth

Nothing wrong with casual games. In fact, a core title CAN be casual (LittleBigPlanet, Flower, etc).

GodofSackboy2891d ago

No. I haven't touched my DS for 2 years. All it has is crappy casual games. There's no point in saying all consoles are good for the sake of looking mature and that you're not a fanboy. Some consoles aren't. Like the DS. It sold on 2 gimmicks (a crappy touchscreen and 2 screens).

Those last 2 LBP is 100% hardcore. If you define casual games as "easy, requires little commitment" then LBP is the most hardcore game ever. Flower isn't really a's more of a relaxing experience. But absolutely brilliant.

callahan092891d ago

There have been a TON of hardcofe games on DS. Are you kidding? "All it has is crappy casual games?" I don't think so. They've released tons of Dragon Quest games, Final Fantasy games, Shin Megami Tensei, Valkyria Chronicles, The World Ends With You, Bangai-O, Metal Slug games, Infinite Space, Front Mission, Golden Sun, Might & Magic Clash of Heroes, and I could really go on and on and on.

-Alpha2891d ago

Valkyria Chronicles is PSP/PS3 exclusive, but Callahan is correct about everything else. The DS has a strong lineup of core games and still has a huge list of exclusives coming up even after the release of the 3DS.

callahan092891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Sorry, I didn't mean Valkyria Chronicles, I meant Valkyrie Profile. My mistake. Got the names jumbled when I was typing. I also noticed that I wrote "hardcofe" instead of "hardcore". Haha. Thanks for the correction, Alpha.

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Rageanitus2892d ago

You know consoles in general are not for hardcore gamers.... I love how both xbox crowd and ps3 crowd think their console is hardcore because it has a few mature games....

Have you noticed alot of games they made EASY just so it caters to the general public... If it were truly hardcore where are all the tournaments and competions for console games

egidem2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

First do your research, get back to me if you think that the PS3 or Xbox 360 have few mature games...make a list and I promise you'll find it very long.

Making a game EASY doesn't cater it to the general public. For example, God of War 3 on the easiest difficulty is EASY, but it is still a hardcore mature game, and DEFINITELY not for the general public.

As for tournaments, is holding a Call of Duty Black Ops clan gaming tournament for PS3 and this tournament is sponsored by Sony. And black ops is a????...that's right, a Mature rated game and it doesn't do what???? that's right, caters to the general public!

Rageanitus2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

ESRB ratings are there for the consumer but is not a determining factor of what hardcore is. That is illogical if you take an ESRB rating as a determining factor of being hardcore

I go back to the point of console gaming in general the way they are designed.... if you noticed most of the games feel dumbed down just so an every day person can pick it up and play in front of the tv in short spurtz. If you notice most of the peripherals are standard also less potential for customization, and in a business perspective you look at how consoles in general are priced.... price to be affordable to the general population... can you say the general population is "hardcore"

If you look at other markets i.e. sporting goods you notice the "hardcore" are geared to customization of the product for the user. same applies to gaming. And to the hardcore price of the items is not always a factor.

Hell look at the most popular franchise on the console today COD... it has AUTOAIM (aim down your sites)... thast so hardcore

Rageanitus2891d ago


all I can say is till I see the day where you can modify a games on the console

i.e. screen resolution, using wide array of peripherals, changing texture detail and graphic level (yes alot of pc gamers LOWER the detail level just so they have an upper hand on multiplayer games); full customization of the key schema. The console will still be a casual gaming machine Its just the way the way Sony and MS has set up their consoles they put standards up into place to cater to the general population.

rrw2892d ago

probably not true hardcore but the most hardcore gaming console.

they need to expand to casual market if they want money realy. it is a business

Tony-Red-Grave2892d ago

there more they appeal the core gamers the better since core gamers are more likely to buy a product again where casuals you have no grantee they'll support your console next

m23452891d ago

lol, microsoft has been going skittles ever since they announced kinect. i knew it was coming. thankfully sony is catering to both the casual and the hardcore, like microsoft should have done in the first place.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2891d ago

So true. Nowadays if you don't have a PC or a PS3 you're just not gaming hard enough. Not to say that casual games are all bad.

RageAgainstTheMShine2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Agree DCO
*tears of joy

I remember a line from the movie "Airheads" by Fraiser, Sandler & Buscemi

"You don't demand popularity and sales from fans with 500 million dollars & kiddie games, it should come to you unsolicited."

Now that's true underdog HARDCORE right there!

I am so glad to know Sony's LOYALTY & LOVE for the kind of gamers that helped build this industry to its towering magnificence, is as HARDCORE as us hardcore gamers, veteran and new to the game alike.

I know Sony has to pay a HARD PRICE for not going kiddie & casual on us PS3 gamers just to keep its INTEGRITY INTACT.

Sony has turned a blind ps eye on the millions and billions Nintendo & Microsoft are making on tons of casual kiddie games.

Sometimes I hate Sony for not throwing in Nintendo like games on the PS3 but now I respect their policy and creed that the PlayStation Brand since day one is for the 19 year old.

Nintendo took the dive.
Microsoft took the dive.
All for the sales money & security.

I am amazed at Sony's PS3 & PSP!
They did not budge a bit!
Why Sony why?

We salute your stability & never wavering commitment against all odds Sony.

More power PS3 Fortress - the last remaining true hardcore gamer console.

my point

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Bigpappy2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

"PS3 is the true hardcore console left".

We will know the real answer to that by end of 2011, once we've had a chance to reflect.

Sony still needs to diversify and bring the casuals in. I don't see how as a business you can ignore Millions of potential customers. As it is, the Hardcore are a nitch crowd compared to the casual market. A reliable nitch crowd though.

MintBerryCrunch2892d ago

niche crowd my ass....when games like Halo, Gears and CoD are the top sellers on the 360...then there is nothing niche about the core crowd

MrBeatdown2892d ago

Exactly... reliable. Software is where the money is made, not hardware. Selling a console doesn't mean much if they only buy a game or two and forget about it, which I'd imagine is the case with casuals.

ZombieAssassin2891d ago

Agreed, look at the Wii it has around twice the number of consoles sold than Xbox or PS and very few games (pretty much 95% of 3rd party) even sell as good as games on Xbox or PS...hell I'm sure there are Move games that have sold more than Wii games and thats sad because the install base for it is prolly under 4mil.

Bigpappy2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I can't believe that you guys believe that Sony is happy not expanding their consoles to casuals. Some are calling me all sorts of name and others have lost their marbles and said things like casual games on the Wii don't sell. I will give you a bit of time to go peak at the Sales for Wii fit, Just dance, Mario Cart, and also look at NPD top 10 for 2010. You are also yelling that M$ had no exlusives, when in fact, they had just as many as PS3 and they sold better.

Back to the point: Sony is using its core to buy the Move so they can convince developers to make games for it. If the core do not buy the Move, it will fail before developers had a chance to fully explore the potential Sony is convinced it has. Sony knows that if they can get enough out there developers will make games for it. It will then give them a shot at preventing M$ from having free riegn at bringing exclusive casual games from 3rd party to their console.

Having lots of exclusive games is great for a console, if the games are good enough to drive sales. Other wise it is a waste of money. Anyone who who things sales do not matter is purely in denial, because their console of choice is not leading in that area at present. I am sure if PS3 numbers come out showing the Move and PS3 out selling the 360 and Kinect for the year, N4G would be bombarded with article at 1000 deg, prasing the heck out of Sony and talking about the demise of the 360. Sales don't matter, but yet you guys keep pointing out that PS3 beats 360 in Japan and Eu. How is do you measure how well PS3 is doing in those regions? By EXCLUSIVES? Give me a frigging brake already.

MrBeatdown2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

You make is sound as if anyone who prefers one console over the other spews the same nonsense as everyone else. That's just stupid.

The fact is, software is where the money is made for Sony. A hardcore gamer keeps buying software for years. That's not necessarily true for casuals.

Plus, with MS and Wii going after casuals, doesn't it make sense that Sony would go after the hardcore rather than trying to get their finger into the pie that everyone else is already fighting over? There is an opening in the hardcore gaming market now and it's in Sony's best interest to get in on it while they can.

Of course everyone wants in on every market, but right now, it makes more sense to avoid going head to head with Kinect and Wii and winning over the hardcore.

ZombieAssassin2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I'm not talking about sales really i was more or less just saying how casuals don't really buy a lot of games and I was using the Wii as an example. Yea people eat up Mario but that's not because it's a casual game it's because it's freakin Mario and they buy that Fitness stuff too but besides that causals don't really care for much else it seems.

You don't have to worry i'm not one of those people who go OMG X console sold more the Y console this week/month/year...I don't give a crap all I care about are games because I already have a console and have owned all 3 from this gen at one point or another.

Besides it's not like Sony/MS never tried for causals before and they have both succeeded before i'd say I mean look at LBP it sold a crap load and it was more or less a casual game.

It's good they are expanding but we all have to hope they don't forget us, the hardcore..the ones who go out and buy a lot of games a year and buy their consoles at launch or close to it.

GarandShooter2891d ago

@ Bigpappy

'said things like casual games on the Wii don't sell'

What? More often than not I see the Sony side acknowledging Wii Fit/Wii Sports sales and using that as a counter argument against the MS side's 'It's a better game because it sold more' argument.

@ RisingDragon

'I mean look at LBP it sold a crap load and it was more or less a casual game.'

I disagree with this point a bit. LBP on the surface appeared to be a casual game due to it's cuteness and platforming, but as you delved in deeper showed it's true core audience roots, especially on the creation side. Maybe therein lies the solution, games that can be very appealing to both core and casual gamers that allow you to be as much one or the other as you choose.

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VictimOfHypocrisy2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Wow, just wow.
Now because the 360 (which was mainly a system for hardcore gamers before the release of Kinect) is catering to the casual crowd, Sony should follow suit?

You have to be kidding or talking from one side of the fence with tongue in cheek (in other words: sarcastically because of your hidden motives) to say what you just said. Can you look yourself in the mirror without laughing after saying such things?

Sony ALWAYS had a more diverse lineup than MS. Anyone that debates that is kidding themselves. Casual, mainstream, hardcore, who defines these gamers? What is their meaning?

At the end of the day people will choose the console that best suits their individual needs. I myself don't care for shovel ware. I own every console but I am definitely not a casual gamer and nor do I care for casual games or motion controls. All Sony need focus on is moving the industry forward with incredible features, new IP's and improving their existing line up. So far they have done ALL of the above and then some.

cereal_killa2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

"We will know the real answer to that by end of 2011, once we've had a chance to reflect."

In what console SALES? thats all you have left CAPT.KINECT your such pathetic excuse for a M$ employee. So now your saying Dump the hardcore gamers because we (M$) can't compete with Sony on exclusive games and it's the kiddies and soccer moms we want, even though we will NEVER come close to touching Nintendo's fan base enjoy you console sales at the end of the year MUPPET.

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jack_burt0n2892d ago

sports champions is as core as it gets, and it can entertain casuals for hours on end.

thats the balance, you make AAA quality titles easy enough for everyone to play but accurate enough a core gamer doesn't flail, jog on the spot, or jump around like a total idiot.

they already nailed that in the first game they made, its recreating that across a few genres that will be a challenge.

but for us, who cares, it will be my default choice for all TPS and FPS its more immersive play re5 for 3 hrs then switch to something like red dead redemption its a backward step.

Nathaniel_Drake2892d ago

Has anyone noticed how slowly some people's comments are changing towards sales, and not MORE GAMES. Why is that??? Why do people criticize a company for bringing out MORE GAMES, because it doesn't cater to this gen's theme which is the rise of the casual. Do they really care about that company that much??

egidem2891d ago

Exactly what I was wondering. Also, why bother sell a console SO MUCH while at the same time it has no games?

jack_burt0n2891d ago

The MS strategy is based on the core 360 gamer will be locked into a year subscription of live, will wait for the next halo, gears.

Giving them time to persuade the casuals that kinect is worthwhile, get them to buy a HDD etc subscribe to live and shovelware.

Its cynical imo but its effective in the US, essentially they aren't actually aiming to please anyone just hook a new section of consumers, but as the wii is testament to the casual $$$ is inconsistent.

Rageanitus2891d ago

I notice the xbox crowed focus more on sales than the ps3 crowd.

Luckily I own all 3 systems but IMO the xbox front talks alot about sales because there hasnt been much exclusive games that have come out recently. PPl really think kinect moved consoles.... I would say it is the price point of 130 dollars that sold the xbox this season. The price WAS right...

Even the wii has had quite a few recent exclusive games i.e. Bond, Epic Mickey, and Donkey Kong

maniacmayhem2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Only Sony fans say Xbox fans bitch about sales to justify themselves.

When a sony "excluuusive" or Move makes $$$ the sony fans are right there to post and pat themselves on the back. When MS does it Sony fans are right there to claim the MS fans only care about sales.

And let me ask you something if coke sells more than pepsi does that mean the general public prefers coke? Yes it does, so sales do matter since it clearly defines a winner. It may not be the brand you prefer but then again you are not the majority in this case.

And how does xbox have NO GAMES? I'm playing a ton of games on it now. stuuupes

I guess..whats the difference? MS fans are congratulating sales also. How is one excepted and the other isn't?

PirateThom2891d ago

Yes, Sony fans do congratulate sales, not justify the console's existance on it. That's the difference.

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