Sony Working On "a New Unannounced IP" For PS Move

With Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2 and Socom 4 coming later in the year, the future is bright for PlayStation Move-compatible games, but the current forecast for AAA Move-only games is rather bleak, with the only major titles on the horizon being Sorcery and PlayStation Move Heroes. But a recent job listing for Sony's London Studio shows that the developer is working on "a new unannounced IP" for the PlayStation Move, with the job details hinting that the game will be rather impressive -- much more so than your average PlayStation Move title.

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Sev2805d ago

That def sounds more like a AAA game than a normal Move title. Sony seems to be putting a lot of effort into this one and it might just be the killer app Move needs.

doctorstrange2805d ago

This could be a huge game, and by the looks of it even a series - showing how long they plan on supporting the PS Move.

darthv722805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

I want to see what kind of creativity can be had using the move that a regular controller just wouldnt work. This could be what I been waiting for. Move is nice as an alternative to the DS3/sixaxis but.....give me something neither of those could handle. A "MOVE ONLY" game that compels a person to buy it cause there aint no regular controls option.

@sev..whatever happened to your site?

lelo2play2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

what about games for the PSP?

Is Sony abandoning the PSP? Only 3rd party are making games for the PSP. Is Sony releasing games for the PSP in 2011?

doctorstrange2805d ago

They have to focus on the PSP2 as well, and the PSP Phone - so I'd be surprised if there were many games for the PSP1

Tony-A2805d ago

They barely ever release games for the PS2, too. Their focus is probably elsewhere.

godzilla2122805d ago

I dont want Sony to make any PSP games, just focus on PSP2/phone

ElementX2805d ago

Sounds more AAA? Just because they want to use motion capture doesn't automatically make the game AAA.

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fantasygamer2805d ago

I still wanna know more about that PSMove Horror game. (In case any of you don't remember. http://playstationlifestyle... )

Apotheosize2805d ago

Yes! this is what came to mind as well. I really hope its this, it could turn out to be Siren Move or something, either way they gotta announce whatever that game is.

RememberThe3572805d ago

I believe the game was canceled, as the publisher wanted to focus on smaller mobile games.

Teddybee2805d ago

Game looked pretty damn cool

xtremexx2805d ago

sounds epic, go to school kids and you may get jobs like this

YourFlyness2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

This maybe:

BTW, I know this is unofficial

doctorstrange2805d ago

But *if* there was a Star Wars game, I doubt Sony would be making it themselves, rather lucas arts. Plus this is a new IP, whereas Star Wars is one of the biggest IPs ever.

I really hope that they are making such a game, Move and lightsabers really mix perfectly.

YourFlyness2805d ago

well good thing its not Sing Star Dance, since we already have that. Good Game though

godzilla2122805d ago

Yeah, it'd suck if it was SingStar, but luckily it doesnt sound like a SingStar game - woot!

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The story is too old to be commented.