PSP2 and the PlayStation Phone: Sony Competing With Itself

A comparative look at how the PSP2 and PlayStation Phone will wind up competing with each other, on top of the Nintendo 3DS, iPhone and Android.

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doctorstrange2719d ago

Announcing the PSP2 before the PS Phone is crazy considering that it is far more powerful

Elimin82719d ago

"Sony Competing With Itself" When don't they...

Darkfocus2718d ago

ya....this article is fail.....

NoobSessions2718d ago

Not necessarily.... the iPhone and iPod touch can run the same basic apps...

While as the PSP2 is going to be an entire generation ahead of the PSP Phone. The PSP2 will offer PSP 2 games, while the PSP Phone offers a phone and PSP 1 games.

People will have to decide between the two to buy, and that'll divide the market between both platforms. Sony should be pushing the PSP2 in my eyes to better there stance on the handheld market against Nintendo.

ThanatosDMC2718d ago

Exactly what NoobSession said. PSP2 is completely different from PSP phone. It's like PS2 games vs PS3 games.

40cal2717d ago

Fail indeed, because I want the PSP2 and the PS Phone.

blumatt2718d ago

That's exactly what I was about to comment. Apple's iPhone/iTouch combination is a great idea. It allows people to use the same apps and have the same functionality with the only difference being that one has cell phone functionality. I hope Sony goes the same route and puts the same hardware in the PS Phone and the PSP2 so that people can play the same games and use the same apps.

Sev2719d ago

I think the Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone is going to bomb. While the PSP2 is going to be 'the bomb'.

darthv722719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

keep in mind that both could be aiming for different demographics. people who have a psp and want the next gen version will likely get the psp2. People who have a phone and want to play games like the psp did could go for the psp phone. I dont think the same people will be buying both.

It is also pretty obvious that each will support remote play. When you look at remote play settings it says psp, phone and pc. Safe to say those would be the ericsson and vaio branded units.

As compared to other phone/gaming certainly beats the talking taco.

Taggart4512719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

I just want to slap the person in the face who thought this was a good idea. The sony guy, not the author.

T3mpr1x2719d ago

Nice read! As much as this may be an issue for Sony down the line, I gotta admit...I'll probably end up buying both of those damn things hahaha...Ugh my wallet!!!

silvacrest2719d ago

if the psp2 has some phone functions i'll just get that, if not i'll get both

T3mpr1x2719d ago

Ah, hadn't thought of that...If that were the case then yea I'd stick with the PSP2.

JonnyBigBoss2719d ago

Both look great, but I can't imagine owning both...

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The story is too old to be commented.