Is Gamer A Dirty Word?

Kotaku: I hate the word "gamer."

I really got to thinking about that term, as opposed to parallel ones I could come up with like, say, movie buff. The difference seems to be a subtle one but I think it's this: we look at a gamer as someone who is at least in some sense defined by their relation to the medium, where a movie or art buff is someone who merely thoroughly enjoys their hobby.

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MarioWarfare2772d ago

I don't even tell people that I work in a video game story, they fucking laugh

eagle212772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Gamer, Gamer, Gamer, Gamer, Gamer, Gamer, Gamer, Gamer, Gamer,

oooh i'm in :)

Darkfiber2772d ago

I completely agree. I hate the word "gamer" by itself. I say I play video games, I don't say "I'm a gamer", that just sounds douchey. Also, yeah, the word seems to have a negative connotation to it, like it's almost forbidden. If you say you are a gamer people automatically assume you are lazy, unambitious, a procrastinator and have no social life. They talk down to you like you are wasting your life, and you should follow their opinion on how you should live your life or something.