Rumor: Frostbite 2 being used for Medal of Honor 2?

Well nothing has officially been said whether or not Danger Close Games is making a second Medal of Honor, a job listing on the EA Jobs Site makes reference to the development of a new game, could it be Medal of Honor 2?

•Utilize cutting edge Frostbite 2 tool set and the collected knowledge of 7000 EA co-workers around the globe to deliver world class multiplayer levels.

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CaliGamer2893d ago

That's nice and all, but seems like they really need to work on tightening up the gameplay. This series could have real potential.

Headquarters112893d ago

If this means it's still gonna have that gay gun wobble effect when you walk then i'm not getting it.

RememberThe3572893d ago

The gameplay was tight in MOH. The issue was that the story didn't really climax and it was way too sort. And the online had no maps either. I'd probably still be playing it if it had a few more.

DelbertGrady2893d ago

My biggest gripe was that the online was horribly unbalanced and felt rushed.

Mmmkay2892d ago

there's no reason for dice to make the multiplayer in moh better than their own bf series. that would be shooting themselves in the foot....

Xfanboy2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Great the more dx11 the better! so I wonder if the game also cut out xp & dx9?

the8BIT2893d ago

Well it could be anything. maybe EA is expanding the engine for other games?

BTW isn't battlefield 3 using it? if so is their any details about it

Ducky2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Well, built for dx11 with dx10 support, and made with 64-bit in mind while also supporting hyper-threading.

Has the fancy bells and whistles like tesselation, better lighting, more complete destruction, and, well, a generally more optimized engine.

I don't think any real solid detail is out yet.

RememberThe3572893d ago

This game is probably going to make me jealous of PC gamers :)

They always talk up Crysis but I never saw the appeal of the gameplay. I think I'll be fine with the console versions of Rage and Brink but I think this is the game that will be head and shoulders better on PC.

DeathMetal14742892d ago

is awesome, you should really play it.

showtimefolks2893d ago

and given enough time and not make this a every year game MOH could be huge

make one team work on it with one engine. story was good but a little short online could have been better

but here is hoping we see a new one not in 2011 but fall 2012 to give the devs enough time to improve on everything and make it like old times when MOH games were awesome

HOSe2893d ago

the world needs a new moh game with the frostbite 2.0 engine this fall. duh


They need to have open multiplayer maps so we arent funneled down narrow chasims into a meat grinder of camping enemy snipers, oh and hit detection that actually worked would be nice.

Parasyte2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

I thought the hit detection in MoH was spot on. It was much better than BC2, imo. The only things I think need to be improved are as follows:

Nerf the Sniper Rifles a bit.
Add more maps
Add more guns


dude im not one of these disagree-able d bags on here haha, yeah i see your point but the game had some clipping issues. Like if a guy was crouching a moving side to side your shots would just go through him. Bad comapny 1 & 2 have the same crouch walking problem. Its as bad as worm glitching so i have no clue why they took the prone out.

The maps do need to be more open because the enemy could just sit and hard aim entrances on some maps, thats just frustrating gameplay.

I think the sniper just needs to be removed completely. it should be an infantry focused game. Although it would be cool if you could have one sniper per team who sits off map on the side of a hill a mile away with a heavy cal rifle like a barret who picks off targets of oppurtunity like that misson in the campaign.

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The story is too old to be commented.