In Defense of "Bad Games"

GameXplain Writes: "To be fair, it’s not just the reviewers that are to blame. Maybe even more complicit in this crime against smaller games is the “gamers” themselves. By “gamers,” I don’t mean (true) gamers – there’s a difference. At best, gamers appreciate videogames as a medium for artistic expression and entertainment. At worst, they live in their mom’s basement, binging on Doritos and Code Red. The sort of “gamers” I'm talking about buy their Xbox only to play Call of Duty (wow, that’s a $300 game)."

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andresegers2653d ago

More like Call of Doritos. Amiright?

wat6342653d ago

Doritos goes with any game =)

ATiElite2653d ago

Every game can't be a CORE game and every game can't be an Arcade experience. If every FPS was Arma II then the hype surrounding FPS would be a lot lower or if they all were COD blops then the genre would be dead.

My thing with bad games is having poor control, redundant play, bugs, low graphics, and it being just a lame rip off of the most popular title (insert Medal of Honor) then that's a waste of developer time and gamers money.

bearsfaan2653d ago

Was't sure what to expect from the blurb, but it's an interesting article.

iceman062653d ago

I found this article very interesting. This just proves that even for the "bad" games, there is an audience. Not every game needs to be...or SHOULD be COD, HALO, or GoW. This generation, IMO, is more harsh on games than any other that I can remember. I played many an average game in my PS2 gaming days because they were simply just fun...not great in many ways...but still very, very fun. I hope gamers start to appreciate games again for fun and not all of the technological mumbo jumo that most have to google to understand before they even start to use it as a reason not to buy a game.

cortexspeed2653d ago

I think there is a confusion or misunderstanding of the difference between bad games and not so popular games.

like many sonic realeses "name what you want" these are bad games , they have bad controls and the experience is overall frustrating. the other type of games are the not so popular games like as he mentioned mirror's edge or any other game that didn't get a metacritic score higher than (90%) these games aren't bad the are just unlucky they didn't get the hype or score high "which is a very bad method to chose a game if you are looking for these 2 criteria"