Player Affinity: Gray Matter Preview

Player Affinity writes: "Back in the 90’s, the point and click genre of PC gaming was all the rage. It was a time when four megs of video RAM was state of the art, so shooters and real-time strategy games were still rather primitive. The technical requirements for adventure games, on the other hand were minimal; just enough horsepower to show a static background image, and one moving character. Unlike the glut of mindless Doom clones that filled retail shelves, adventure games emphasized story-telling, writing, and characters. One of the most popular franchises was Gabrial Knight, which had three installments that ran from 1993 through 1999."

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SMOK3xFFx2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

This will have an extremely deep story and it has a awesome art style, looking forward to this. Just need to find out the retail price.

BlackBusterCritic2893d ago

This game does have a nice art style, but its incredibly slow paced and boring.