IGN: L.A. Noire: Your Questions Answered

Rockstar's venture into 1950s Los Angeles is set to arrive on a PS3 or Xbox 360 near year this spring. To this point, Rockstar has been relatively quiet about the hotly anticipated crime drama. IGN readers were asked to submit questions for Rockstar and a lucky handful were chosen.

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Kon2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

It is always good to have more info about this game. Potential GotY

Too_many_games2771d ago

day 1 buy for me. Except for GTAIV, Rockstar has been amazing this gen.

BigKev452771d ago

You think Midnight Club: L.A. was great?

Too_many_games2770d ago

Yes i do, better then GT5 :) oh yea..i said that..time for Sony fanboys to pull there head from Son'y ass and yell sheet at me

theonlylolking2771d ago

No they have not. They have been amazingly overrated this gen. GTA4 boring, RDR its ok but could have been way better, MC:LA was ok, but LA noire looks like their first great game this gen.

ReservoirDog3162771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

@ king

LA Noire looks really good so far though. Really can't wait for it.

RufustheKing2770d ago

This man speaks the truth. LA Noire might be great but the last two rockstar games have been built on hype. both GTA and Red Dead were first day buys for me but lacked what any rockstar game should have and that is: FUN. GTA 4 was too realistic and Red dead was boring and empty.

the next GTA needs to be more like GTA: vice sity and GTA:SA. I want to fly around in jet packs and jumping off high building just so i can hear that splat when i hit the ground. the next Red dead needs to be like GUN for the Ps2. gun was tiny compared to Red Dead but it was fun. and were are the dual weapons in Red dead?

sofocado2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

What............? GTA IV was great. The best Rockstar game so far.

jarrod19812771d ago

rockstar is an amazing developer. rdr was one of the best games this gen easily for me and gta 4 may not have been as fun as previous ones but there were certain missions that were better than missions from any previous gta game. thats my opinion though.

Bunnyslippers2770d ago

Rockstar isn't developing LA Noire. They are only publishing it. Team Bondi is doing all the magic.

Darkfiber2770d ago

This is what's wrong with this game. Team Bondi is the developer yet they are so unknown that they are saying that Rockstar is doing all the work simply so people will buy it. That scares me a little. That makes me think they are not confident in how good the game is, and instead have to make it seem to the average Joe that Rockstar is making this game just so they can get 2 million pre-orders and whatnot, even if they know the game is going to suck. Sure, it looks good, but we have seen nothing of the gameplay and it's supposed to come out in a couple months? Is no one suspicious?

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the8BIT2771d ago

Although the facial animations looks great. It looks creepy in game looks like it's pasted onto their body's and they move roboticly. It's one good step into the future though

ilikestuff2771d ago

id like a new bully game and give me another warriors game, thank you kindly

showtimefolks2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

by him saying the city is a backdrop i hope that does not mean do a mission than go home and sleep to go drive for another 5 minutes to do another mission

Like many i have really hype hopes for his game and its been in devolpment for about 5-6 years so this is huge games for us gamers for for them as a studio think about it if they fail with this game how big of a loss that would be for RS and the Devs

give us a release date and most of us are pretty much sold on this


I thought i was the only one who thought it looked weird

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