GameXplain: Tron: Evolution Review

GameXplain writes: "A couple of hours into Tron: Evolution, my brother texted me and asked how it was. My response? “It tries.” Those two words sum up the entire experience. The game tries to provide an interesting prequel storyline to its big-screen brother Tron: Legacy. It tries to give you reasons to complete its campaign and log hours into its multiplayer component. And, most obvious of all, it tries to mimic mechanics found in other big-name titles. But unfortunately for Tron, all that effort doesn’t translate into a solid execution."

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andresegers2774d ago

God this game looks terrible.

newsguy2774d ago

Well-written review of a not so well-received game.

Urmomlol2774d ago

2/4 comments are posted from people from Gamexplain.

1/4 is sucking on the author's balls.

Shilling to get to 50 degrees much?

Masterchef20072774d ago

crap game completely deserves the review.