Did You Know There Was Crazy Duck Racing In Shenmue II?

Why did Sega's beloved and ambitious Shenmue series fail to progress beyond its second game? Because Sega never really promoted one of Shenmue II's most spectacular features: underground duck racing.

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SMOK3xFFx2891d ago

That`s awesome I never found that, but I do remember going around the city playing that "lucky hit" game all the time.

"Why did Sega's beloved and ambitious Shenmue series fail to progress beyond its second game?"

Because Sega would rather cash in on garbage Sonic remakes then finish it. I'm still waiting for Skies of Arcadia too.

Yi-Long2891d ago

... after bad decision after bad decision after bad decision etc etc etc.


Such a shame, cause they're actually capable of developing brilliant games, yet most of the times they then go and find a way to completely screw up the marketing, or release it in the wrong way, or for the wrong audience, or they 'localize' it in a way that the fans aren't interested anymore, etc etc...

Deathstroke2891d ago

"Why did Sega's beloved and ambitious Shenmue series fail to progress beyond its second game?"

Because when localizing it they put it on the Xbox (and much like the 360 people mainly just buy shooters).

Whitefox7892890d ago

Heres a better reason:

Shenmue Franchise budget, $70 million dollars

Back during the release of the first Shenmue every person in the world that had a Dreamcast would have to purchase 2 copies of Shenmue for Sega to break even.

Hell Shenmue 2 for the Dreamcast didn't even come to the U.S., if you wanted to play it you had to import the EU copy which didn't have the English dubbed (Japanese dubbed is way better anyways).

They were able to put in the English VA for the Xbox version of Shenmue 2 along with some more polygon count.

Yi-Long2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Sadly, the Xbox version didn't keep the japanese voices, and ONLY had the horrible english, dub, which was THE reason why I never bought it.

visualb2890d ago

yes i knew it, damn hard too....=|

this games' mini games were insane.

interesting, the game still looks good even today!

DelbertGrady2891d ago

Someone needs to give Yu Suzuki a sh!tload of money so he can continue this amazing saga.

Lavalamp2890d ago

Thanks for stepping up!

Whitefox7892890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Sadly enough I don't think anyone can give him the amount of money needed for it. (He's a big visionary)

Trust me on this one, I want a Shenmue 3 more then anything (besides a Viewtiful Joe 3 that is directed by Hideki Kamiya). However the only way I can see it possibly becoming a reality is if the Shenmue City Network game is a big hit over in JP.

Lex Luthor2890d ago

Lol, knew this a years ago. You also collect medals as well.

Jls12890d ago

those medals i didnt find out till couple years ago

Whitefox7892890d ago

Knew it and won soooo much money out of it I didn't have to work for the rest of the game.

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