Eight teams line-up for anti-grav racer's PS3 debut

Sony's Studio Liverpool has revealed to GamesRadar the eight racing teams that will appear in WipEout HD when the game is released via the PlayStation Store later this year. They are:

• Piranha
• AG Systems
• Triakis
• Goteki 45
• Assegai
• EG-X
• Qirex

With the exception of EG-X (which is new to the upcoming PSP title, WipEout Pulse), fans of the series will be familiar with all the featured teams. It's also highly likely that this roster will eventually increase in number through additional downloadable content.

As for which tracks will appear, so far we've seen WipEout Pure's Anulpha Pass and Chenghou Project. The developer is keeping the identity of the other six circuits a secret for now, although we do know that two will be taken from WipEout Pulse and the rest will be from WipEout Pure.

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riksweeney3656d ago

Later this year for Japan and the US.

This time next year for Europe...

Alvadr3656d ago

Still no release date then :(

Bullseye3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

This could be my possible reason to buy a PS3. Therefore, Can anyone please tell me if the courses included so far,can actually be navigated without constantly bumping in to the corners? I ask, because i haven't played wipeout since the PS2 version and while i did complete most of it, i felt many of the corners were nigh on impossible to get round, even with piranha.Also,Why are they not developing new courses? And when is it released for Europe?

DJ3656d ago

And as far as I can tell the controls are definitely a lot better than the PS2 installment, Wipeout: Fusion. The team decided to make everything simpler, and I’m pretty sure they’re sticking with that mindset for both the new PSP and PS3 installments of the Wipeout series.

Skerj3656d ago

What happened to Auricom?

apoc063656d ago

this and the new original wipeout for ps3 can't come fast enough.

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