InFamous Comic Book Required Reading Before InFamous 2

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gamerzBEreal172893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

is it really required?

i mean the game has a comic book style why not put this in the game? are atleast just put it as like a extra feature this is common sence here suker punch wtf

KILLERAPP2893d ago

The game will probably come with them or summarize the comics in the first few minutes of the game…

TheLastGuardian2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

I wonder if we have to read it even if we played inFAMOUS 1? I can't see how this would be required. I don't want to pay for 6 issues just to be able to understand inFAMOUS 2.

multipayer2893d ago

Maybe it'll explain why his voice has changed in a helium balloon disaster...

HolyOrangeCows2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Will he take the angel-hugging good route or be a baby-stomping baddie? Because in the game....

"or they come to your house and sucker punch you"
[See picture]

young juice2893d ago

they gonna quiz you before the start menu. you gotta get 95 or higher or they come to your house and sucker punch you.

shadow27972893d ago

No it's not ready required, it'll just give you some extra background info. If you like the universe and want to read them, go ahead. If you can't be bothered, you'll probably be just as well.

I'll probably end up reading them, though I wish they were digital like the ones for the last game.

Whoooop2893d ago

Well, scan that bitch...

despair2893d ago

would be cool if the comic came with 2 stories, one for the good cole and one for the bad, both would lead to the same ending but maybe with a different reason for being there. That would help those who did not go good in Infamous, just a thought.

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The story is too old to be commented.