New FIFA 08 Screenshots revealed has just posted 2 new screenshots of Electronic Arts upcoming football game, FIFA 08.

Check them out on the link below.

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MaximusPrime3413d ago

played demo and it was crap.
PES is the one to look out for.

Rama262853413d ago

All graphics, no gameplay...

jromao3413d ago

Fifa DEMO is very far from the revolution they announced, not worth to buy, pretty but very poor gameplay.

bumnut3413d ago

it was just the same as fifa 07. not worth buying.

unless you are a football addict and need the updated team rosters, don't bother

gameforall3413d ago

the time limit was so short that I could not get into the feel of game. Waiting for PES

CG3413d ago

Fifa 08 is just shockingly poor, no true football fan will buy this crap.