Colin McRae: Codemasters release statement

Codemasters has now released an official statement:" Everyone at Codemasters, especially those who worked directly with Colin McRae, is deeply shocked and saddened by the tragic events of this weekend.The loss of Colin McRae is deeply distressing. That it involved his son and another so young makes it even more tragic. Our thoughts are with his family and those closest to him and we share in their pain.

For over ten years, Colin was part of the Codemasters family and it was a privilege to have a man recognised as a true legend on the team. He always took a keen interest in the game experience, wanting to make sure it was without equal in its portrayal of the sport.

His contribution was inspirational and brought his technical expertise and passion for rally driving to each and every McRae game. Through the popularity of those games, he brought a whole new audience to the sport itself.

Codemasters' relationship with Colin began through Jim, David and Richard Darling and their condolences, along with ours, are passed to Colin's family. We are heavy of heart at his passing but we are also brimming with pride at knowing him and to have played a small role in his life.

He will never be forgotten by all at Codemasters."

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hardcorehippiez3904d ago

nice to see a company actually care about its liscensees.i for one was a big colin mcrea fan and have always liked codemasters products since dizzy ( long time i know lol have been gaming a long time :)so was thrilled wen they done a franchise deal with him. rip colin and respect to codies

sticky doja3904d ago

I didn't even know anything had happened until reading this article. My prayers are with his family.

Vip3r3904d ago

It's good to know that Codemasters actually care. I think I'll buy Dirt just as a tribute to this sporting legend.

skillednutter3904d ago

...I suppose sales for this game will now rise, sad but true.

Feihc Retsam3904d ago

The game is fantastic.
I had the game for over a month before I ever played online. The single player mode is just a blast to play.

I think Codemasters show a nice bit of humanity in their statement. It doesn't feel generic our templated. It sounds like well thought and sincere statement.

marcindpol3904d ago

i am very sad, he was great!!! rest in peace Colin:(

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