Sakaguchi Answer The Last Story Questions at Twitter

Andriasang: Save slots, Wiimote controls, and why is Last Story only on Wii?

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Quietpower102809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

I was hoping Sakaguchi would announce a worldwide release...

RedDead2809d ago

unfortunate for us, we won't get it for a while

Mundo2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

he's been doing that since forever and he won't stop tweeting!! Guy tweets from Honolulu like a mad man I tell yeah.

kesvalk2809d ago

he didn't answered the most important question...

showtimefolks2809d ago

would love to play this on ps3/xbox360 if possible i am not gonna buy w wii not a motion control gamer

Theyellowflash302809d ago

A lot of Nintendo's best games use little to no motion control. This game has classic control support. Mario Galaxy, Punchout, New Super Mario Bros, Smash Bros, Muramasa, Metroid other M all use standard analog and buttons or very little motion controls.

lil boy blue2808d ago

dont be ignorant this game has classic controller support