Fight Night Champion: Authentic Boxer Damage Trailer

Gaming Blend "Curious just how messed up the boxers can get in a game like Fight Night Champion? Well, that curiosity no longer has to sit on a shelf until the game releases; instead you can grab a look at the damage in the game with a brand new trailer."

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beavis4play2889d ago

i haven' played a "fight night" game since the first one.......i think i'll pick this one up. i really like the boxer damage.

ApexHell2889d ago

wow this looks really good, its on my wish list :)

Psychotica2889d ago

Looks good, finally a fighting game with realistic damage

Thepro3182889d ago

if they evolved the footwork of fight night champion the game going be knockout hit

starcb262889d ago

I'm going to play with two controllers and beat the crap out of one of them.

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