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Hellgate: London Updated Q&A - Quests and Quest Design

Flagship Studios writer Ivan Sulic gives us a rundown of the interesting and unusual quests that you'll pursue in this action role-playing game.

Hellgate: London is an action role-playing game that doesn't feature a fantasy setting, haughty elves, surly dwarves, or sassy peasants. Instead, this action RPG, which can be played from either first- or third-person perspective, is set in the gutted ruins of a future London after a dimensional portal has opened a rift that allows demons to enter the world. Your job is to kill every demon in your path as you pursue hundreds of quests and try to, hopefully, save the world. To learn more about the mission that you'll pursue, we turned to Ivan Sulic, writer for Flagship Studios. Hellgate: London will ship in late October.

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SlippyMadFrog3934d ago

This game looks real nice. Pity it hasn't received any hype on this site. Where's all the PC gamers?

Tyrael3934d ago

Futuristic RPG with FPS elements from the makers of the greatest game ever (Diablo 2 IMO), cant wait til this gets released...