The Right And The Wrong Way For Publishers To Handle DLC

Game Podunk's blogger, Gregoric399 writes, "It’s painfully obvious that the biggest contributor to the evolution of console gaming this generation has been the consoles' brave voyages into the black and unpredictable land of cyberspace – going where only the PC had ever gone before. The internet has brought several benefits to console gaming that were almost unheard of just one generation ago. The most obvious benefit is competitive online Multiplayer gaming and the second most obvious benefit is the explosion of downloadable content..."

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Dart892895d ago

1.Announce dlc b4 the freaking game is released what kind of bs is that?

Hellsvacancy2895d ago

2. No of this "exclusive" dlc

SMOK3xFFx2895d ago

DLC right - Valve.
DLC wrong - Pretty much everyone else.