Game Podunk: 5 Things Wanted Out of 2011

Game Podunk's blogger, Matthew Root writes, "The following is a short list of things I think are important to the gaming industry that I would like to see happen in 2011. Hit the comments and let everyone know what you're hoping for in 2011..."

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Kran2831d ago

A new console from microsoft? Thats like asking Valve to make Half-Life 2 Episode Three!

shutupandplay2831d ago

Oh no, it`s coming, don`t worry. It will arrive just when the PS3 starts to pick up steam, trust me. I hope MS forces Sony to play catch-up for as long as possible, LOL. MS doesn`t have much to worry about for a while now, they are slaughtering the PS3.

DualConsoleOwner2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

new console is not coming anything soon. gaming industry as is cannot support it anytime soon..

analysts words not mine.

meaning you are going to have to cry about PS3's superior hardware for a while longer.

dont worry fanboy. while you are crying, i will make sure to enjoy 20+ hardcore exclusives this year for both of us.

Vorgier2830d ago


You are an idiot.

ATi_Elite2831d ago

they put a xbox 360 picture up and it made me think that this was a 360 only article but after further review it's the typical Friday top 5 list.

in 2011 I want
1. I want Battlefield 3 PC
2. I want DX9 to die completely
3. I want a Half Life 2 Ep3 trailer
4. I want confirmation that STALKER 2 PC will be ready for Q1 2012
5. Well since it got hacked I want that PS3 Emulator up and running. Sorry PS3 fanboys but I will buy the games just not the System. I'm not D-loading 30+GB of data.

Kon2830d ago

I don't want Duke Nukem Forever. Almost sure it will be a major disappointment

therapist2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

I want new consoles, at least one, before 2011 ends. I am sick of 720p on everything but my PC. I want new, amazing, mind blowing graphics. I want 1920x1080p with 120 frames per second every fucking game, not just my pc!

I hate jaggies, messy, shit textures, and this slop spills over into PC on some lazy ports, so lame.

Please give us new consoles, for the betterment of gamers everywhere, five years is wayyy too long for a console cycle, let alone six.

jarrod19812830d ago

i would love the announcement of a new hardcore ip from ms. you think they would have to have something in the works.

level 3602830d ago

XBox360 uncompetitive with PS3 for the fact it still uses old-school DVD.

They could maybe adopt Blu-Ray on future XBox but because of ego's sake I think they won't.

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