Sony PSP2: Contemplations, Thoughts and Predictions

Game Podunk's blogger, Khorne writes, "The latest PSP2 rumor making its rounds is that in Tokyo on January 27th is that Sony will finally decide to announce their worst kept secret. So as someone who has been following all these PSP2 rumors, I decided to compile all the information I can be bothered to get and then sift through it all to procure my opinion on the latest offering from Sony..."

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timzone2895d ago

"cost more than your entire family"?? Depends on your family I suppose.

jony_dols2895d ago

All this talk about it having a short battery life is bs. People tend to forget that battery tech has advanced at the same pace as mobile processing power.

My Samsung Galaxy S battery lasts for around 36 hours, and I make and recieve a lot of msgs and calls, as well as using mobile internet and wifi, and then on top of that apps and games. And my phone has a 1ghz processer along with a high def screen.

The biggest sapper of battery on the original PSP was the laser and mechanism in the umd drive. If the PSP2 scraps disk media in favor of flash cards or mem sticks, then that will dramatically improve battery life. As long as the battery life is over 4 hours, then it will be a must buy for me. The only instance where you might need it longer than that is maybe a trans atlantic flight or something.