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GameDynamo - "The original Crysis wowed us with stunning visuals and addictive FPS gameplay. It’s been three years and developer Crytek has been grooming the sequel to not only keep up with mega FPS franchises like Call of Duty and Halo, but to make those games look like yesterday‘s news."

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showtimefolks2772d ago

just awsome looking graphics

from everything i have seen personally it looks aright game play wise but than what is so new in FPS anymore.

hopefully there will be a demo of some kind

LunaticBrandon2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

The first Crysis not only blew everything away in terms of graphics but also when it came to gameplay. Anyone arguing anything different didn't play the game or tried to play it like CoD.

ATi_Elite2772d ago

saw some actual game play footage of Crysis 2 PC and I was impressed. The game play seems faster, more violent but it kinda turned into Resistance fall of Man. Some Aliens reminded me of the Chimera. Kinda looked like them and really acted like them.

I like Crysis when I was killing soilders as the A.I. was good but it got boring killing aliens so I'm unsure about only killing Aliens in Crysis 2 but I will give it a go. Day14 purchase for me.

Shackdaddy8362772d ago

"Using modules, you can enhance strength, agility, combat skills, and employ tactics like enemy marking and invisibility, as well as much more. With the right upgrades, we’ve seen players kick cars at enemies, move like Faith from Mirror’s Edge, and go invisible like a Predator on the prowl. Let’s see Master Chief do that!"

I was wondering how the customization would work. Thats cool.

Ratchet5102772d ago

looks like gears of wars 3 not bad. lol

iamgoatman2771d ago

It looks like all his trolling has made the poor lad go blind.

This article is about Crysis, CRYSIS.