The Golden Age of Licensed Games: Disney's Games Enter the 16-bit Era (Part 2)

GP's blogger, Setaimx writes, "With a string of hits on its hands, Disney made a strong impression in the video game world in just a few short years in the early 90's, and they did it without relying entirely on having each game star the world's most famous mouse. After the release of Ducktales' and Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers' sequels in the first half of 1993, Capcom went on to release their second-to-last Disney game, one that many would liken to one of Nintendo's most heralded franchises..."

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SMOK3xFFx2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

All four of those games were awesome and bring lots of nostalgia.

darthv722894d ago

Quackshot for the genesis and mickey mania for sega cd/genesis/snes are two honorable mentions.

Shogun Master2894d ago

Great list.

Disney games use to be awesome now they all suck. Some of the best: Aladdin (Genesis), Castle of Illusion (Genesis), Quackshot (Genesis), three classics.

darthv722894d ago

the "awesomeness" of those games was really the talent behind them. Each game may have had a disney license but they were made by many different studios.

You had sega themselves with castle of illusion and quackshot and world of illusion as a few. You had sony imagesoft with mickey mania. virgin with aladdin and lion king. The list goes on.

Each company able to take the disney license and treat it with respect and a quality game to match.