PC Gamer: DC Universe Online First Impressions

DC Universe Online is set in a timeline where Lex Luthor finally manages to beat not just Superman, but all the world’s greatest heroes. This turns out to be a Mistake. Almost as soon as he lands the killing blow, Brainiac appears in the skies with a full warfleet and promptly steamrollers the now completely undefended Earth.

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Masterchef20072774d ago

i just saw the gamespot preview of this game. And it looks pretty good especially the character creation part. What i never liked about these games is the online fee. But it looks like it might be worth it. Whats sad is that 360 owners wont be able to enjoy this because 360 owners are huge fans of online multi-player. But then again it wouldn't be fair paying a fee for this game plus a fee to play online (XBOXlive gold)

kissmeimgreek2774d ago

Final Fantasy 11 was on xbox 360 and didnt require xbox live gold ( although it did require a monthly fee) so its possible for a dev to not force you to have gold.

And sadly, DCU was developed bysony online entertainment so 360 users will never get t enjoy it :(

Masterchef20072774d ago

By SOE that slipped my mind. I didnt know you could play some games online with the 360 without paying for gold.

BlackTar1872774d ago

me either i played FF on ps2 and pc