Sony PS3 Hacker To Argue That He 'Re-Enabled' Feature

Lawyers representing George Hotz, the individual accused of illegally hacking the Sony PlayStation 3, claim that Hotz did so to add back a feature that Sony had removed.

Hotz, the lawyers claimed, "re-enabled" OtherOS functionality, or the ability to dual-boot the PlayStation 3 using some other OS, such as Linux.

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SeanScythe2888d ago

And that makes it ok how?

deadreckoning6662888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

I think u missed the point of what hes doing. By stating that he "re-enabled", hes trying to make it seem as if Sony was the bad guy for taking the "OtherOS" feature away.

This isn't about piracy, its about setting a precedent for what people are allowed to do with what they buy with THEIR OWN this case, the PS3. The problem is that the Sony cheerleaders are N4G are to stupid to realize it.

Geohot's lawyers are fighting for YOUR rights.

@nycredude- What would you do if u were in his position? Its almost as if you WANT to see him lose this case, which is odd seeing as how he's fighting for the rights of console owners.

Lets say I want to hack my PS3...but I have NO intention of piracy. Why should I not I have right to do that with the $600 system that I bought?

@GrieverSoul- I'd go to Ms. Smith's home while Mr. Smith isn't there, seduce her...and coerce her into giving me fruits and vegatables in exchange for sex.

silkrevolver2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

I just want Sony to be able to keep making games... I don’t give a crap about what Geohot is fighting for.

(Side note: I edited my original comment because I decided I didn’t want to directly attack anybody, just fyi.)

GrieverSoul2888d ago


Imagine if you buy your fruit and vegetables on Mr. Smith shop. Now, by accident you found his werehouse and you start "taking" your fruits and vegetables from there without paying. What will Mr. Smith do?! He will close his shop and shut down his werehouse. Now, where will you go for fruits and vegetables??!!

showtimefolks2888d ago

its about the money you think given the option the person who hacked ps3 wouldn't not to make a ton of money?

make some sense i hope he goes to prison

end of the day do what ever you want with your PS3 BUT WHEN YOU RELEASE THAT INFO ON THE NET YOU DOING SOMETHING WRONG

If i buy a TV than install new features than start to sell it and say i have enabled new features?

SuicideShaun2888d ago

Because they are corporations, they spend time and money on making something they way they want it. Take changing the ui on a system for example. People do it on phones etc, but somewhere along the line the company paid a guy a lot of money to make it, and then you just change it. That makes it still in a pirate sense. You shouldn't be able to just change things to they way you want it. That's not the point of community on a product. Let them change things and just let it be.

Killzoned2888d ago

But then again thats another way of an excuse to get out of trouble and say that he wasn't hacking the PS3

Be serious, GeoHotz wanted the use the OtherOs, Fighting for OUR RIGHTS? are you serious

ZombieNinjaPanda2888d ago


Wouldn't a better example be that you find seeds and plant your own garden and stop buying from him?

NewMonday2888d ago

Sure for the "right" to play games for free, and destroy online games with cheats. Nevermind the rights of thousands of game developers who work hard to make these games.

StbI9902888d ago

To microsoft shop, since h's is such a xbot.

PimpHandHappy2888d ago

if you buy a gun with your own money that does not give you the right to go shoot it off in public even if the ppl that made it made it so it can

Proxy2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

I would guess most game developers hope Geo wins, because this really is about hacker/programmer rights. Most here don't have the ability to program; they just want to spend their pay check and sit on the couch playing video games. They don't care.

For those with the ability to write software, and control the hardware; I'm sure they'd appreciate the right to do so.

I wouldn't call myself a game developer, but I have created a text based chess game with a godly AI which I've never defeated - it was more a study of AI than game design. I really enjoy programming and I'd love to be able to write applications to run on the PS3.

If there are any programmers who do supports the Sony "closed-platform" agenda, speak up.

Kran2888d ago

Yes. I do want him to lose.

Nothing good can some from an illegal hack. Its Sony's decision what they want enabled and disabled, not somebody who does not even work for Sony. If he is doing something only Sony should do, it's as if he is working for sony. ILLEGALLY!

InTheLab2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Our troops are fighting for our rights. This kid is just doing this for attention. A complete waste of a brilliant mind....

Christopher2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

***This isn't about piracy, its about setting a precedent for what people are allowed to do with what they buy with THEIR OWN this case, the PS3. The problem is that the Sony cheerleaders are N4G are to stupid to realize it. ***

I can buy a gun with my own money, it's still illegal to shoot people with it.

In the same vein, he can hack his machine all he wants, but what he's being taken to court for is a) Releasing the meltdr information, which is Sony IP, not his and b) distributing software that modifies PSN code, which is, again, Sony IP.

If he had just modified his machine to enable it for him, that would be great and he'd be okay. But, instead he obtained secure software data that wasn't his to utilize, used it to further modify software that isn't his to modify and then shared it with everyone on the Web.

Hotz didn't do this just because he wanted it, though. He did it because he thinks Sony had no right to force him to choose between OtherOS and PSN. The problem is, in doing so he violated Sony's IP in the exact same way that he feels they violated his right to have both PSN and OtherOS.

The case isn't about whether he's a hacker or not -- though there is needed evidence to show that he is a hacker and has gotten donations from such actions -- but about what information he used and who's programs he modified in order to achieve his goal of hacking.

If he had kept his PS3 at the same level with OtherOS, he could have added everything he wanted to his machine without problem. But, he wasn't content with what he said his original goals were. He wanted it all, regardless of what it meant to the company that provided the hardware and software in the first place.

***What would you do if u were in his position?***

I wouldn't be in his position. I wouldn't have shared information that I know would have lead to piracy on the console.

***Its almost as if you WANT to see him lose this case, which is odd seeing as how he's fighting for the rights of console owners.***

How so? The right to ignore Sony's IP is what he is fighting for. PSN and the meltdr keys are Sony's IP, yet he didn't feel at all bad about sharing them and modifying their code.

You're saying I'm supposed to get behind someone who would have no issues taking my code and modifying to his own needs and then openly distributing it even though I rely upon said code for my business? Yeah, you'll be waiting a while for me to line up behind him.

***Lets say I want to hack my PS3...but I have NO intention of piracy. Why should I not I have right to do that with the $600 system that I bought?***

1) Because the software is not your IP.
2) Because he didn't just modify his hardware, he found sensitive Sony IP, distributed it to the Web, and modified their software IP.

By your logic, why shouldn't people have the right to hack video games? Why should they be penalized for said actions at all? It's their software now that they own it and they can do what they want with it.

You see, this isn't a hardware issue, it's all about the software.

MajestieBeast2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )


So you think the software inside the ps3 belongs to the consumer and they should be able to alter it and distribute it? You know how stupid it sounds to defend this way of thinking right? The problem in it all is that he didnt keep it to himself and published copyrighted software like the privacy key on the internet.

His custom firmware is also illegal its not new code its just firmware 3.55 modified a little.
It still has the same look as the normal xmb which is also a copyright by Sony. So he isnt fighting for my rights cause i know the software inside my ps3 isnt mine. I got a license to use it but i cant go altering it and then posting it on internet.

elmaton982888d ago

My rights. MY FUCKING RIGHTS. I would've still have my otherOS if it wasn't for this fucker hackers in the first place. It wouldn't have gotten to this if it wasn't for them. In the beginning of every technology, everything is good until hackers come and make it better or worst

SeanScythe2888d ago

Are you a fucking moron? Doing this for My Rights?! Yeah and ruining gaming for everyone. Sony couldn't careless what he does with his PS3 but when you start trying to Cheat the system and break the games with Hacks and Mods then you are at fault and should be punished.

OMG you actually think he is fighting for peoples rights? How stupid are you? Go back to smoking your bong and playing with yourself.

Omegasyde2888d ago


Every post you make is very deluded. Do you actually use the same rational in real life? And is 100% about piracy, why else would Sony care? WoW.

P.S. Sony could counter argue they took other O.S. out because of Geohot because he was hacking it before they removed it.

NeoBasch2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

That's a bunch of bullocks. I've been programming for six years now. There's no way I would ever want something like this. There's a reason companies hire programmers to design a security system to prevent people like him from mucking everything up for everyone else.

Besides, most students have to sign an agreement with faculty and staff that they will not misuse penetration techniques they learn from network security classes: it's called ethics, and reaches beyond the classroom environment. This guy lacks them. He should know better.

EDIT: You should try designing Checkers through web scripting. That's tough. Using languages like C and C++ makes things much easier, but controlling image placement with CSS and Javascript is a nightmare. If you feel up to it, try to program an algorithm where the computer will know if the user can make a SAFE double, triple, or quadruple jump. Now that's hard.

ThanatosDMC2888d ago

My rights? Dont you mean his ass? He's just trying to save his ass that's it. Not to mention he's going to ruin my rights to play MAG the way it's intended.

Thoreau2887d ago


how is it possible that you are wrong on so many different posts.....

geohotz lawyer is not fighting for my rights. you can do whatever you want with your ps3 but distribute copyrighted software. beat a game and you will see legal info after the credits. geohotz did not do this to help us but instead desired to make his mark on the ps3 by hacking it to download and play stolen software..

this is the reason why the other os system was removed...

HolyOrangeCows2887d ago

"I think u missed the point of what hes doing. By stating that he "re-enabled", hes trying to make it seem as if Sony was the bad guy for taking the "OtherOS" feature away"

So, basically, he's a delusional nut (Who copied, tampered, and distributed copy-protected codes and software) who thinks he's in the right?

Thanks for getting me up to speed.

GeoNot's thinks he can avoid the law by making Sony out to be a bad guy. That's cute. I remember when I was 5 and thought that you could steal a candy bar from someone who was mean. (Inb4 "Last week?")

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nycredude2888d ago


Seriously if this is his defence then its obvious his case doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Balt are you really that dense?

Thecraft19892888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

LoL he won the case

As of 2:00 PM EST, 1/14/2011, I am not subject to any TROs

The judge basically listen to both sides and said NEXT !

WOW disagree for stating facts N4G at its best.

LOL 2 more do people not know the definition of disagree you can't disagree with a fact lol

Nineball21122888d ago

He didn't win anything... LOL The case hasn't been dismissed or heard either.

The judge is postponing it to decide if her court is the right venue for the lawsuit.

Quote: "U.S. District Judge Susan Illston, without deciding any of the merits of Sony’s DMCA claim and other allegations, said she was unsure whether the lawsuit should even be tried in her courtroom. She wondered aloud whether the case should be aired in the 21-year-old’s home state of New Jersey, where the hacking took place."

Persistantthug2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

until the judge figures out if she wants to take the case or not.

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otherZinc2888d ago

I hope SONY sues the pants off this Sombitch & send a definite message to the rest of the pirates.

Seriously, @ssholes like this clown robs developers of their work & make us pay more at retail.

F*** this dude! SONY, make this Sombitches life miserable!

meetajhu2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

I pray to god every night that Geohot wins and saves millions of lives and gives profit to Sony by selling PS3's!

NeoBasch2888d ago

Even if he helps sell more PS3's, how's that help the developers? Third party developers will flock to the 3DS and PSP 2. At least then they won't be under the threat of piracy... until those are cracked as well.

Main_Street_Saint2887d ago

Really!? I'm going to pretend you just typed that in the heat of stupidity.

klashawnd2888d ago

@GrieverSoul What if you bought fruits and vegetables from Mr. Smith's shop and then the Mr. Smith came back and took some of the vegetables even though you had already paid for them? Then you found out you could get them back by going around the shop and getting them directly from the fruit truck instead? Then Mr. Smith sues you for taking back what you had already paid for?

xX-PEIN-Xx2888d ago

What if Mr. Smith took them back because they were contaminated and you would die if you consumed them?

palaeomerus2888d ago

" What if Mr. Smith took them back because they were contaminated and you would die if you consumed them? "

Then the analogy would be so stupid that it would not apply to anything in this case.

Main_Street_Saint2887d ago

What do Fruits and Veggies have to do with hacking PS3's? It is a rather stupid analogy.

Main_Street_Saint2887d ago

What do fruits and veggies have to do with hacking PS3's? Rather silly analogy, really.

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MNicholas2888d ago

Just as knowingly causing financial damage to a person by distributing someone's social security number is considered illegal, doing the same to a business is also illegal.

Geohot is knowingly damaging not just one business, but many (including many 3rd party developers who are already struggling to stay afloat), and by releasing this information to the public, he has broken the law.

Hacking a PS3 or any console is not, in itself, illegal. Distributing the key that allows others to hack it is damaging to business and illegal.

beavis4play2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

fu%K - hotz is making up lies as he goes along. if this is the case - he'd better have proof.
and even if he has proof - the feature he's trying to add is one sony removed because HOTZ was using it to hack the console and compromise it's security.

mantisimo2888d ago

To all above, Mr Smith has has never sold vegetables he is an online Porn Baron that specialises in veg shaped love toys.

On Topic didnt little Georgy h start his hacking of the PS3 through the "other OS feature" in the first place prompting Sony to ditch it?

Man In Black2888d ago

This asshole is the reason OtherOS was removed in the first place.

awesomeperson2888d ago

B-b-but hez fighting for teh rights and to give teh consumer their features!



palaeomerus2888d ago

No, SONY is the reason OtherOS was removed. Geohotz was Sony's lame excuse.

Omegasyde2888d ago


So Sony just decided on their own merits to waste time and research and remove the other O.S. for the sake of it?

Persistantthug2888d ago

they were afraid it could be used as an exploit to get into the system and potentially cause other patch coding into the network and causing havoc.

But Geohot wasn't the specific reason. Sony had decided to remove the OTHEROS before Geohot even came into the picture.

Biggest2888d ago

Persistantthug had dirt in his eyes when the OtherOS feature was taken away. There was one and only one outspoken person attempting to hack the PS3 using the OtherOS. I'll give you one guess as to who that one person was. When they removed the OtherOS there were a few more people saying that they would get it back "FOR THE PEOPLE!!!" but nothing came of it until the PS3 repair key was stolen. George was the reason for the initial problem.

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beardpapa2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

He didn't "re-enable" a feature such as OtherOS, otherwise N4G would've been spammed with articles of Geohotz bringing back OtherOS to PS3. No, he re-enabled a Playstation "feature" back in the PS1 days called "Playing Backups"

Omegasyde2888d ago

The PS1 had a hard drive? I didn't know that!

but back then you have to actually open the system and use a imported MOD chip or a Interplay device and hot swapping a real legit copy with a burned version.

IS this the playstation feature you are talking about? Because his hack doesn't require any opening of the game console or hot swapping games. It fools the system into thinking a .PKG file is a PSN download.

m23452888d ago

deadreckoning:, just no.

Strikepackage Bravo2888d ago

Ofcoarse everyone here on N4G will take Sonys side because most people here are a bunch of mindless cultees. But in reality when you think about it, what Sony did was REALLY F'ed up. Removing features, even from already purchased units, a feature that they bragged about as a selling point.

This is like selling someone a 1080p TV then dropping it to 720p via mandatory firmware update after you get it home and plug it in. Either you take the update or the TV cant receive signals from cable or over the air. How many of you would defend that? I guess if Sony did it most of you would be OK with it, and this is why no one takes Sony fanboys serious as thinking individuals.

Because Sony did the same thing with linux support and you guys defend it and blame the hacker. Say what you will about MS, but they would never do this, they couldn't get away with it.

ForceCSW2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Well actually the firmware update wasn't mandatory. You could keep the option for OtherOS in exchange for PSN access. You couldn't have both, and Sony was fully within their rights when they asked you to choose between the two. If you wanted to keep OtherOS you would be denied access to PSN because you no longer fit the requirements to log onto PSN (you agreed when signing up for PSN to the stipulation that Sony has the right to change the requirements for PSN access at any time). So don't act like OtherOS was forcefully ripped from you, for YOU had to accept the download for the update that would take it away.

PeterGriffinSays2888d ago

You guys are the biggest PS3 fanboys on earth. Yall know you hack EVERYTHING else, but when it comes to PS3 its a problem? And Sony was wrong for taking away Linux and BC, so Geohot makes a point. Bunch of lames yall are. Bunch of LAMES.

King-Leonidas2888d ago

lol what a douche!!! Sony took it away because Froddo hacked it wtf is frodos problem

PS3n3602888d ago

I guess since there are a lot of gun analogies going on i will throw one in too. You can buy certain guns but it is illegal to modify them to make them fully automatic.

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Balt 2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

And, like I said all along, George will win -- Sony will lose, as they always do in court.

Bleemcast anyone?
Dualshock anyone?
Optic Disc Drive case anyone?

This will be no different. George has a great case here and and argument of re-enabling features once in the system is a home run for the defense.

Sony will lose and lose big. I just wonder how Sony will like that egg served when it gets tossed all over their face.

GSpartan7772888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Sony won't lose much from this other than reputation from the loud minority. George isn't counter-suing and unless the hack impacts hardware and software sales, nothing much will be lost and people will simply forget about this till someone decides to throw this in a flame war.


as much as sony should of won those trials. they should win this one. or else.....

ct032888d ago

or else.... your screen name

joeorc2888d ago

@Balt in order to install other OS...that had to be done through the ?


your PS3 did not come with Linux preinstalled.

so How did Sony remove Linux off of your PS3?

did you just turn on your PS3 one day and it was gone?

no they asked the Consumer if they wanted to Continue to use the "INSTALL OTHER OS OPTION"

an gave the stipulations on what would happen if you wanted to keep it.

due to security unless you have an updated firmware you would not be able to play some of the new games that required a new firmware.

they did not out right take it off your system. to Top it off NOT ONLY DID THE SLIM NOT COME WITH SUCH A FUNCTION BUT GEOHOTZ and these Hacker's are putting that function back into the XMB and telling everyone how to do it. so if you do that is your warranty still covered?

How about access to PSN?

so if not only you hack your system than try to bypass PSN security that makes it all right then?

So it's not alright to protect the Software os on a machine? that the consumer buy's, how about any software that the consumer Buy's?

You cannot say it protect's this software copy rights but not this software's copy right's?

If this goes The Hackers way this set's back software copy protection Laws..How about every game goes opensource..remember you buy the software right?

you can do anything with that software you want to right?

Omegasyde2888d ago

O I forgot that back then the firmware was optional, thus is you wanted OtherOS just don't update your firmware.

PeterGriffinSays2888d ago

Bullshit @ optional firmwares.

Omega Zues2888d ago

"Imagine taking in your car for an oil change and having the manufacturer remove your car's air conditioner, radio, and half its horsepower because of fears that other hypothetical individuals might abuse their vehicles. It just doesn't make any sense, and it's a slap in the face to the consumers that put their support behind the product." - Yasha Heidari.

Thats their best direction on this case? Did Sony remove your games? Did Sony descrease your PS3 power? If I remember correctly, Sony over the years through updates increased the power. Faster and even gave back more Ram for developers. Removing the OS feature was minor at best. And to bad, this OtherOS has nothing to do with the real reason. The whole thing this is happening is because of...

"release of the PlayStation 3's root key."

And so far, OtherOS has been the last thing thats came out of Geo lips. In fact the first thing he did was laugh at Sony and made "Hello World". Come on Geo, wheres ma OtherOS?

PirateThom2888d ago

Exactly, if he was working to restore OtherOS... where is it?

BrianC62342888d ago

I say hackers should go back to working on PCs. They're dirt cheap and wide open. I see no reason they have to ruin gaming for the rest of us. I hope Sony wins big in this case.

protekjv2888d ago

aren't they the reason sony remove the "OtherOS" feature.


its for security reasons me thinks

ct032888d ago

That's the official explanation anyway. Saving on maintenance and QA costs is certainly part of the reason. But that's okay, the Sony cheerleaders even applaud when they lose a feature.


nope its for security reasons why would they remove it for money. it wont make a difference if they remove it you wont make any more profit u absoluteness niknenpoop

Mustang300C20122888d ago


Money is the reason they removed it. Just like they removed the backwards compatibility and USB ports to save money are the reasons they removed it.