Best Minecraft Mods

By now we've all had a chance to play the critically acclaimed 8-bit game known as Minecraft. What happens though when Minecraft begins to get boring?

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dkblackhawk502809d ago

Minecraft is such a fun game :D

zerox5052809d ago

i remember one mod where some dude created a penis stuck in the vagina and we had to explore the re productivity organs and shit

LunaticBrandon2809d ago

Humans+ and Minerals are also nice but didn't make that list.

TABSF2809d ago

Can't wait for Monday XD, getting it :)

ElementX2809d ago

I've been playing Minecraft off and on for a few months now. I'm using Mixcraft and the current version of the Beta. I've never tried any mods except the graphic packs. I recommend Mixcraft if you want to keep the feel of the game and just improve the graphics a little.

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