Disney's Epic Mickey Sells 1.3 Million Copies In First Month

LA Times writes: "The sales appear to validate Disney's strategy of handing the project to veteran developer Warren Spector, who's best known for games such as Deux Ex and Thief: Deadly Shadows, which weave intricate plots that follow multiple narative paths. His stewardship gave the project credibility among teenagers and adults who might otherwise avoid a title featuring Disney's lovable corporate icon, Mickey Mouse."

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Dark_Charizard2657d ago

Pretty good considering mixed reviews.. It even outsold Kirby!

NYC_Gamer2657d ago

this proves that most gamers dont care about reviews

dragonyght2656d ago

not really disney mickey is a brand name and its on the wii

VictimOfHypocrisy2656d ago

As they shouldn't.
They should be their own judge.

despair2656d ago

Just Dance and Michael Jackson the experience insane sales show that reviews mean jack.

ME19892656d ago


That's true, but there's no feasible way for me to judge a game before playing it. I don't rent games, and I'm not one to really go and pay full price for a game and then see if it's good or not...

Reviews are helpful in describing the game, at least to me...

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Nugan2656d ago

Maybe this means we'll get a sequel with an improved camera and more compelling gameplay. That would be pretty cool.

BiggCMan2656d ago

What are your opinions on the game overall? And anyone else that has played it, an opinion would be appreciated. I've been thinking about getting this for some time now but haven't made up my mind yet. Any opinions on Donkey Kong, Kirby, and Goldeneye would be cool too. Thanks.

pcz2656d ago

Goldeneye is worth buying. some parts literally left me amazed

Acquiescence2656d ago

I had been eagerly awaiting it as I thought Spector's dark spin on the Disney brand would form something truly captivating. Maybe the game just has a slow start or something, but by the time I got to the Gremlin village (which was about 2 hours for me I guess) I just gave up. Wrestling with the un-cooperative camera is one thing, but the whole narrative just didn't compel. My advice would be to avoid it and just play Castle Of Illusion again but y'know; different strokes for different blokes, or something.

christheredhead2656d ago


epic mickey, at least for me, is a must buy if you own a wii. reviewers complained to no end about the camera, yet when i played it i had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. some times it gets a little weird around tight spaces but it was really smooth overall. the game it self though it quite good. the platforming might feel a little odd to some people but it reminded me of old school 64/ps1 third person platforming and i thought it was fun. then youve got youre multiple good vs bad story paths for re playability and longevity and overall a very good story. id recommend it.

right now im currently playing donkey kong and that game to is a must buy for wii owners. it has a great visual art style and the gameplay is extremely solid. its been a while since ive played such a fun side scrolling platforming. it starts off easy but gets challenging as you along. plus theres items to collect and unlockable stages so you could easily spend 20 to 25+ hours going back and getting everything. things like rolling, blowing air, and the ground pound are mapped to the motion controls so you have to shake the control to implement those features but it works very well so you dont have to flail around all the time hahah. on top of all that you can play co op which is always a blast. if you like old school platforming get it.

lastly i picked up kirby a few days after it came out and i enjoyed the game a lot. i still even play it today. yet im not sure if i would recommend it to every one. there is far less of a challenge but visually its one of the most unique games ive seen where you can pull and tug at the background for different effects and hidden items. honestly its quite fun but you cant die so it turned some people away. the challenge doesnt come from dying it self but making it to the end with the max amount of beads. its kind of like sonic in a sense that when you fall or get hit you lose beads and in turn you wont be able to get the highest score. really fun game and factor in the co op for this one as well and it becomes one of those games you dont want to put down.

the next game for me will be goldeneye so i cant comment on that one. i look forward to picking it up soon.

AWBrawler2656d ago

Goldeneye is simply amazing, and DKC is hard as heck, but still fun and awesome

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Nugan2656d ago

I actually haven't played Epic Mickey yet. My comments were based on the reviews I've read.

I have played Donkey Kong, and it's fantastic. Very challenging, but a ton of fun. Some of the stages are just beautiful, particularly the sunset ones.

I really enjoyed local mulitplayer on Goldeneye. The stage designs aren't quite as brilliant as the original's, and the new Facility in particular is disappointing, but they are quite good (particularly the outside ones). The regenerating health and other Call of Duty style bits might offend you if you're a purist--I admit I really miss the classic health bars, but the controls are great and highly customizable. I didn't play much of the single player, but I wasn't digging all the scripted sequences and linear stuff. So, basically, I'm an old school fundamentalist, but it's a good game.

Haven't played Kirby yet, but I really want to pick it up when I have some extra money.

pcz2656d ago

I think you should buy the game and then make your judgement on it. I mean, you have written off a game and have made a statement that the game is a certain way, based only on what others have said, if you play it for yourself, then you will be able to decide which side of the fence the game lays on for you, good or bad. But if you like the look of the game, i think its a shame to let reviews stop you from enjoying a game you like the look of.

I recently bought fragile dreams, another game that got mixed reviews, and while it isn't perfect, i am so glad i got it because it actually is a great as i thought it would be. If i would have listened to the reviews then i would have missed out.

I, like you, was sitting on the fence about epic mickey and was going to pass it up. But i will give it a try when the price is right. I must admit i have in the past called it 'mediocre mickey' without even playing it myself, but i think this game would have sold EVEN better, if people like you and me would just buy it and decide for ourselves instead of relying on these reviewers. It does look great, so i will get it and decide for myself at some point.

pcz2656d ago

lol how can you make those comments without having played the game?

because reviewers said so? how many times have you played a game and you think 'those reviewers were full of shit' ?

just goes to show how many people here just chat a lot of shit without even having played the games they are talking about

Nugan2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

I wasn't offering a professional review of Epic Mickey, or even offering my opinion of the game. I was saying what I'd like to see in a sequel. That's why, when BigCCMan asked, I told him I hadn't played it and then gave him my opinion of the games I had played.

I don't think it's wrong to draw conclusions about a game based on reviews. That's why reviews exist. Also, it isn't like there was much controversy across reviews about the points I mentioned.

I'm not going to spend $50 to buy or $5 to rent a mediocre game just to earn the right to reiterate the consensus of professional reviewers.

I guess what I should have said was:

"I hope that Epic Mickey gets a sequel that fixes the problems that reviewers had with the first game. I was looking forward to the original, but I don't have money to gamble on questionable games when I'm broke and the market is full of acclaimed titles that I'd like to play."

Edit: Also, to answer your question, I've bought critically acclaimed games and found them underwhelming, but I've never bought a game with which critics had found really gameplay issues--like a broken camera or unresponsive controls and not subjective stuff like a weak story, localization or soundtrack--and not found that those concerns are legitimate.

(The exception to this is that there are a few publications that don't seem to know how to use the wii remote to aim and like to blame the games instead of the reviewers. But in cases like these I just compare their reviews with publications with a better track record. Meanwhile, concern over Epic Mickey's camera was nearly universal, even appearing in positive reviews of the game.)

OllieBoy2656d ago

Crazy. I was expecting 150-200K.

I guess a lot of moms saw a Mickey Mouse game in store and got their kids it for Christmas.

darthv722656d ago

mickey can make for some really good game play. Even sony themselves made a mickey mouse game. Mickey mania. That is a real good game even with kiddie under tones.

Castle of illusion, world of illusion, kingdom hearts....

darthv722656d ago

its obvious some havent played those games mentioned. Do yourself a favor and play them. They might surprise you.

MarioWarfare2656d ago

The game wasn't that bad but they really hyped it and I was disappointed specially by the camera

OhReginald2656d ago

nice. i hope they fix this game and bring it to the ps3 with ps move support.

showtimefolks2656d ago

but than again it sold well enough and will sell over 2 million at least so i would not expect it on the ps3

and you know if a game comes out a year after release these devs can not expect gamers to run and get a year old game

anyone who is interested in this game can play it now

darthv722656d ago

still retains the rights to mickey mania (no reason they wouldnt) they could make a sequel after all these years. Unless they dont have a license to use Mickey mouse anymore like they did.

Mickey mania...such fond memories.

Servbot2656d ago

I honestly didn't think this game would take off. I'm glad it sold so well because the game is quite good and unconventional. Hopefully more developers will try to take risks and create new, innovative games.

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