Eurogamer:Why West, Zampella didn't sign with THQ

Eurogamer;Sacked Call of Duty creators Jason West and Vince Zampella would have signed with publisher THQ but for one dealbreaker.

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MarioWarfare2893d ago

Glad they signed with EA so hopefully their next game will get a lot of attention, they are among the most talented developers in the industry

Dart892893d ago

I'm sure they will they created cod so my guess is they know how to destroy it.

r1sh122893d ago

I agree with you, I think they wanted full control over their own IP so the publishing company cannot say what they want the game to turn out like.
Hopefully the COD creators destroy COD...

DelbertGrady2893d ago

One could say they left New Satan for Old Satan.

Quagmire2893d ago

EA has changes dramatically over the years. No longer are they the big obnoxious giants similar to that of Activision.

Now they publish/make great games/ips such as Dead Space, Mirrors Edge, Mass Effect, and a whole heap more.

guigsy2893d ago

Funny how people say how talented these guys are and then turn around and say Modern Warfare 2 sucks.

Dart892893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

I'm pretty sure it would have been better if they released it this year instead of 09.

Bobby Kotex2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

We've seen their potential with older games. You really think MW2 went in the direction they wanted it to go?

In the end it doesn't matter what people here (hardcore) think. The CoD series is a huge money maker.

r1sh122893d ago

didnt activision have lots of say in the game...
They influenced its outcome..

FAGOL2893d ago

MW2 did'nt get any support after it's release. Probably due to the stuff going on between Activision and IW. MW2 can still be better than B.O. it's just that IW is'nt IW anymore.

MarioWarfare2893d ago

Modern warfare 2 isn't the only game they made for your information, They made call of dut 1 and 2 and call of duty 4 which was amazing, modern warfare 2 wasn't bad either but just overhyped

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VictoriousB132893d ago

They signed with EA rather than THQ because they knew it would burn Activision's ass more.

Dart892893d ago

You mean like this?Go to 59 sec.

yog-sothot2893d ago

Personnaly, I don't like CoD games (I don't like any "modern war" shooter actually) but these guys definitely know what it is to create and work on a VERY successflu IP (which does not mean they will necessarily be able to do it once again).

With their experience with Activision, the ownership of the games and brands they create was obviously their top priority for any deal they would sign. No wonder they decided to go with EA as THQ did not want to give them that... I think THQ has really become an interesting player in the "core" industry lately (Darksiders, Dawn of War, Red faction, Double Fine's deal...) but it was foolish to believe thant West and Zampella would create a game for them and let them keep the IP

Led-Zeppelin2893d ago

Rofl fail with the article picture, too lazy to put a background so you left the transparent photoshop background. HA!