Portal 2 to have PC & PS3 Co-op

An EA employee has confirmed to PressXorDie that Valves upcoming first person puzzle platformer Portal 2 will be sporting cross-platform co-op between PC and PS3.

At E3 2010 Gabe Newell came on stage at Sonys press conference to announce that Portal 2 will be coming to PS3. But more importantly than that, it will also be the first console title to come with Valves “Steamworks” package. Valve announced that this would include Steamcloud support and automatic updates, but it seems it’s also enabled something a little more exciting.

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Dante1122771d ago

Wow, that's pretty cool.

Abash2771d ago

Very. Definitely getting the PS3 version when I pick this game up

zootang2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Move support please! I saw it being done at CES but with a slightly different device. I hope we gets community mods too!

InfectedDK2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Getting this for PS3 and hoping for more Valve games with co-op between PC and PS3.

@captain-obvious - no, not the 360

StarScream4Ever2771d ago

@Captain-obvious, No it cost MS money if the were to allow that to happen for free.

toaster2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Oh boy, lets hope the console gamers don't drag down the PC gamers too much.

[EDIT] Just be glad it's coop and not competitive head to head ;)

RSPproductionz2771d ago

I'd say there will be some funny arguements between the ps3 and pc players lol

Ryudo2771d ago

The regulations on Xbox Live stopped it being possible for the 360 to offer the same service.

Zydake2771d ago

Finally I've always wanted this type of multiplayer cross platforming. But i really wanted it back then when GTA: IV came out for I can play on my ps3 and my friend on his 360

plenty a tool2771d ago

ryudo, strange, because the regs on live never stopped shadowrun or whatever it's called from being cross compatable on pc-360

obviously the disagrees will tell me im wrong

Spitfire_Riggz2771d ago


PC Gamer "Aww dude dont you just hate those PS3 Gamers dragging us down on here??" PS3 gamer "DUDE!!!!"

Spitfire_Riggz2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

@ Plentyatool

I was thinking the same thing, completely right! 360 and PS3 anyone?

(Awwww crap. My Noob as self didnt edit my post right above me instead of posting whole new comment! *Facepalm*

jony_dols2771d ago

Valve should release Portal 2 on PSP2 as well.

Because with the addition of the PSP2's dual analogues ,it would be the perfect handheld title with easy to use local and online co-op support and short puzzle oriented levels, it would a fantastic game to show off the devices suppossed graphical capabilities as well.

crxss2771d ago

bout freaking time! cross console/pc gaming should have happened a long time ago. glad to see it's finally coming. i own both 360 and PS3 so that pretty much makes up my mind.

Masterchef20072771d ago

i agree that cross platform multiplayer between the 360 and PS3 would have been awesome. Sadly this wont ever happen

RSPproductionz2771d ago

spitfire from my experience on the psn ps3 owners dont say dude. they are the cool people in society and most don't act like immature kids. most of my psn friends play football and that and don't sit inside gaming all day

BattleAxe2771d ago

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. I'm still torn on which version I'm going to get.

Shani2771d ago

awesome.. cross-platform co-op.
I likes it. :D

kunit22c2771d ago

I could have swore this was confirmed a long time ago...

Commander_TK2771d ago

As a PS3 player, I'm siding with the PC players because they actually are open minded and not fanboys lol.

SasanovaS19872770d ago

@ ^ LOOOOL dumbest thing i ever heard. PC gamers are the only ones that try to prove something with their superior graphics cards, and keyboard and mouse combo. what are you smoking? they try the hardest to justify 1000 plus dollars spent on the gaming rig, and im sure theres 1 reading this right now, and preping his Newegg combo of equipment for under 600 that can run crysis full settings. please, spare me

dgonza402768d ago

@toaster.. you know.. this means war >:)

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the_best_player2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

very OLD news

hassi942771d ago

They said it might and not definitely. This is a confirmation I guess.

the_best_player2771d ago

It's been known for along time that Steamworks PS3 and PC players can be on same Server. (even Mac users)

Also M$ turned SteamWorks down as they only want 360 players playing with 360 players.

dead_eye2771d ago

Microsoft wouldn't turn it down because of that. Didn't shadowrun allow you to play with pc users. From what I've read Valve like to support the games they make with updates and free content. Microsoft don't really like giving stuff out for free.

PirateThom2771d ago

It's not that, it was because Microsoft made Live a closed network and want everything, be it patches, content or DLC to go through them.

This is why UTIII didn't have mod support on 360 either, Microsoft want their network to be closed so they can control it and profit off it.

UnwanteDreamz2771d ago

Is k/m supported on the PS3 for this? I hope so I'm all for cross platform gaming but needs to support k/m for those who want to even the playing feild.

AKS2771d ago


UT III had it on PS3. I was surprised how incredibly well it worked, too. I just plugged in the kb/m and everything was already configured correctly without any significant adjustments.

I'd like to see Portal 2 get both kb/m and Move support.

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GodsHand2771d ago

Fantastic news, now start doing the same with other games, so we can see who the real professionals are at gaming PC users, or consoles.

I put my money on PC users for having the most accuracy because of the mouse. But now that I am thinking of it, will there be something implemented to curb cheating from the PC side?

Seferoth752771d ago

Yeah Steams own anti hack software.

TheGameFoxJTV2771d ago

the same thing keeping ppl from cheating on every other Steam game. lol

Jacobite2770d ago

Whats the better k&m or joypad depends on player alot of the time.

"so we can see who the real professionals are at gaming PC users, or consoles." Pros are folk that get paid usaully or clans that play in tournaments.

will there be something implemented to curb cheating from the PC side? what makes you think pc gamers need to be curb from cheating not mean console gamers aswell, ya backdoor console troll. Theres a thing called VAC on Steam, most PC players don't cheat or not as much as console gamers.

ksense2771d ago

wouldn't it be awesome if you can buy the game on steam and you can play the game on either pc or ps3.

hey! a man can dream!!

unknownhero11232771d ago

perhaps one day it will happen. I honestly want to see mods that are made on a pc version of a game to be accessible to the console(if the creator of said mod doesn't mind that is) or let ps3 users download a version of garry's mod if they purchase a valve game! like you said, a man can dream :)

visualb2771d ago

so can we all be friends now?

TheGameFoxJTV2771d ago

Everyone but the mad 360 kids. Kappa

IaMs122771d ago

Nice, love that there is some Coop between 2 different plateforms, PC version FTW tho

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NYC_Gamer2771d ago

wow,thats real damn cool.

Fishy Fingers2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Nice, hopefully through SteamWorks this will continue with all future Valve (Source) games.

kasasensei2771d ago

And free community maps and tools, probably.