Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Eurogamer Review Gives 9/10

All the original levels are present and correct. They are as expansive and exciting as ever. The sheer speed of the game still has the power to thrill as you send Sonic zooming, spinning and bouncing in all directions. The variation in level design is also just as impressive as it was in 1992, all spikes and springs, cannons and levers, pinball flippers and floating platforms. Racing furiously through the Green Hill Zone is still fantastic fun, as is pausing to rack up stupid amounts of points in the Casino. Each environment features a host of hidden areas and secret shortcuts. Completists will want to find them all, but to be that good takes ages.

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KMxRetro3740d ago

Do we REALLY have to have every review that every big site publishes, listed as news?

VaeVictus3740d ago

It is a terrific emulation. I downloaded it last night and had a blast. I love the Casino levels.