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Worldwide Weekly Chart for Week Ending 8th Jan, 2011

VGC reports this week top selling hardware Worldwide for the week ending Jan 8th, 2011 is as follows:


DS 420,490 (-41%)
Wii 402,381 (-39%)
PS3 342,727 (-38%)
X360 298,885 (-45%)
PSP 177,686 (-46%)
PS2 79,498 (-45%) (Nintendo DS, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Dark_Charizard  +   1659d ago
Wii & DS still kickin ass!
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eagle21  +   1659d ago
exactly... imagine if Nintendo shaved off even 30% price cut on their best selling consoles...lol :)
MAJ0R  +   1659d ago
these are fake numbers
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Godmars290  +   1659d ago
Imagine if they made games worth buying those systems for.
RSPproductionz  +   1659d ago
i love how the 360 fanboys that put these charts up when 360 was winning were not too pushed about posting this. also the japan numbers are wrong, 360 is under 3k and ps3 over 60k. official numbers but vgfail changed them
RSPproductionz  +   1659d ago
its mad that ps2 still sells. we might as well add the ps2 numbers to the ps3 versus 360 numbers
darthv72  +   1659d ago
everything down double digits....
But impressive sales for the first week of a new year.

@rsp..you would think huh. IMO sony is hurting sales of the ps3 by keeping the ps2 going. Drop production of the unit but game development could still happen.

Imagine if they announced a PS4 next year. They would be trying to support 3 consoles at once. Only one other company ever did that and look what happened (hint: SEGA).
mikeslemonade  +   1659d ago
No matter how wrong the numbers are, the idea is the PS3 is generally outselling the 360 worldwide. PS3 being 2nd place soon is inevitable.

Too bad nothing coming out is really a system seller. LBP2 and Killzone 3 will sell a few extra 10,000s of units but nothing more.
gii bro  +   1659d ago
Its funny how the numbers are fake when Nintendo are on top.
eagle21  +   1659d ago
@godsmars...i bought the games and had a blast more than any others... :)
GodofSackboy  +   1659d ago
They would possibly be supporting 5 at once =D

"Playstation pocket"? (ps phone)

Also PC with MMOs and stuff so that's awesome
darthv72  +   1659d ago
true but....
i was looking at just the home console front of PS2, PS3 and PS4.

Sega had the master system they were still supporting in Europe and the US with the new design. The genesis/sega cd/32x all considered one because they all related to each other. Then they had the saturn.

You could throw in the game gear for good measure if you wanted to but that deviates from the home console list. That is alot of hardware to provide support to at the same time.
Ratchet510  +   1659d ago
its a rumor dont get excited lol
solidworm  +   1659d ago
At last America is not the world,....lol.
darthv72  +   1659d ago
agreed but.....
it takes the rest of the world combined to equal/surpass america. That must account for something.

@below: 50% for a single territory vs the rest of the world....yeah that is huge. You may not see it that way but that is why America is the single biggest territory in game sales. That is the market you WANT your product to do well in for its sheer percentage of market share.

like the song goes: if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere (except jp for the 360 lol).
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Denethor_II  +   1659d ago
"it takes the rest of the world combined to equal/surpass america. That must account for something."

If that's the case then it accounts for 50%.
Cyrus365  +   1659d ago
PS3 beats 360 worldwide as usual...
Kyur4ThePain  +   1659d ago
Shh. Dem not 'appy.
FrankMcSpank  +   1659d ago
LoL...If Americans aren't buying the 360 like crazy, the 360 will come in behind PS3 worldwide. The 360 can out sell the PS3 by 100k in the states and still come in behind..
LoydX-mas  +   1659d ago
"VGchartz are fake numbers".

.....taken from every PS3 fanboy post about sales numbers.
Kran  +   1659d ago
Does VGChartz ever stop swarming N4G?
k-dillinger  +   1659d ago
as much as i love ps3 i still don't buy these fake numbers regardless if they finally got ps3 kick n 360 ass..
MarioWarfare  +   1659d ago
Vgchartz is crap
jneul  +   1659d ago
Ahh ps3 rules the roost again, gee that 360s kinect release boost didn't last long did it??
RSPproductionz  +   1659d ago
no it was just a holiday scam. micro will probably release a load of shovelware next xmas to scam more people.
shinrock  +   1659d ago
DS 420,490 (-41%) 145,678,331
Wii 402,381 (-39%) 84,677,230
PS3 342,727 (-38%) 46,583,290
X360 298,885 (-45%) 51,275,501
PSP 177,686 (-46%) 65,660,001
PS2 79,498 (-45%) 141,706,74

they forgot to post the totals in the headline.
PHIBALNATION  +   1659d ago
PS3 fanboy- but it's VGCHARTZ, it's a 360 fanboy that just makes numbers up. Hmm the 360 fanboy has the PS3 ahead this week, LOL, I can see now that as long as these numbers keep showing up, the PS3 fanboys will worship the website. Be a gamer and support all consoles.
m2345  +   1659d ago
and yet you bash ps3 fanboys instead of calling out all fanboys. lol.

i don't think anyone stated vgchartz was fact. you just don't want to hear that the ps3 is doing well in other parts of the world.
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PHIBALNATION  +   1659d ago
I could care less I own both consoles and most of the time it's the PS3, I have 100 friends on live and most of them are playing black ops and thats it, maybe halo reach here and there, on PSN people play many different genres and games. And it was because everytime you see a vgchartz article on here the PS3 fanboys yell, it's a 360 fanboy, he makes the 360 numbers look better, who the F cares, it's videogame consoles for christ sakes, entertainment. If this was a 360 fanboy why would he have had the PS3 selling more, people need to grow up, and be a gamer, not fanboys.
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Nitrowolf2  +   1659d ago
"look at comments from PS Fanboys above you saying these charts are still fake"

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Mysterion   1659d ago | Spam
Belasco  +   1659d ago
Its because its not far ENOUGH ahead, its supposed to be 1.5 million for the Ps3 and 2k for the 360. I am surprised that noone has brought up supply constraints for the 360 though.
jneul  +   1659d ago
m2345  +   1659d ago
PHIBALNATION: owning two consoles or even three doesn't excuse you from being a fanboy.
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Tony-A  +   1659d ago

No matter what side of fanboy you take part in, both will call each other out on each other saying VGC is fake....

It's like the same cycle over and over again. Anyway, it looks like it has all through 2010 until December. Back to normal, I guess? Now it's time for them 360 games to start rollin in and get everyone excited so it can be on top again!

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NateCole  +   1659d ago
lol! lets have some make believe arguments debates with these make believe numbers.
Elvfam511  +   1659d ago
Start it off lol
Masterchef2007  +   1659d ago
Hmmm pretty interesting i find it unusual that the PS3 is Outselling the 360 from what VG tells out. Usually they state the opposite going to have to wait for official numbers to finally find out the truth to the matter.
Death2494  +   1659d ago
I laugh cause people keep saying that Microsoft sold 1.9 million last month. Which is completely wrong and misleading. They only sold 1.87 million. That a 300k difference from what was previously stated.Let's keep it real people. Like I said VGA is fake. Microsoft, themselves, announced on the January 9th that they have sold/shipped 50million. How come VGA have them sitting at 51.6 million sold.

GarandShooter  +   1659d ago
It's a 30k difference, not 300k.
SpitFireAce85  +   1659d ago
Well come March we will see what the actual numbers
are for the PS3.Since thats when the fiscal year ends
for the PS3.Then you will see VGfail chartz make a
adjustment like they did back in Sept thats when they
had the PS3 at 39Mill and it was actually more like
41.6 Mill-42Mill
SpinalRemains138  +   1658d ago
PS3 over 360 on VGC????

That is rather odd

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