PS3 to Cut Price First This Year, says Pachter

Reacting to the December and year-end NPD data, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter has noted that 2010 wasn't so hot, both starting and ending on a weak note. He cites the precipitous drop in revenues from the music genre, the Wii and DS software sales, each of which "were down 20% in 2010, in spite of substantial growth in each console’s respective installed base," and finally he blames the stubborn hardware price points.

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NYC_Gamer2896d ago

how much cheaper will the 360 get?

MastaMold2896d ago

i hate this guy Pachter but if Sony does drop price of PS3 i say $249 or $199

pangitkqb2896d ago

Exactly. A $50 or so price-cut, combined with Sony's impressive release schedule of exclusives, could do a world of good for PS3.

sleepy32896d ago


When will you guys get it? The world doesn't care about exclusives. have a look at the top selling games worldwide. the only exclusives that matter are for Wii.

Other than that, its FIFA, GTA, CoD. Exclusives don't mean shiznit. If they did, those charts would be a LOT diff. Think about it. If people bough consoles for exclusives, then they would BUY such exclusives in large numbers.

I think its more personal pref in terms of what your friends have and what controller you like makes a person buy a console more than exclusives. Again, outside of wii.

pangitkqb2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

@ Sleepy3

Who exactly are the "guys" that need to "get it" that you have decided to categorize me with? Thanks for stereotyping me, a complete stranger, based on one brief comment in a video game forum.

Separately, how dare I enjoy exclusive games? Right? How dare I? Similarly, how dare I keep an interested eye on the value of exclusives? Especially quality series like Halo, Uncharted, Gears of War, and others that have sold millions. You say they don't matter...but I bet Halo has mattered to Bungie. It should, the series has made over 1.7 billion USD. You don't think the 61 MILLION copies the Gran Turismo series has sold so far means anything because it is exclusive? I bet it has meant a TON to Polyphony Digital, the PlayStation brand, and the 61 Million (roughly the entire population of the UK) fans who have purchased entries into the series. What about the 34 MILLION the Halo series has sold? How about the fact the Msoft's shares rose 1.7% based on the EXPECTED sales of Halo 3 alone? Yup, that exclusive didn't matter.

I game on every current gen platform available, from Ps3 to 360 to iPhone 4. I am LUCKY to be able to enjoy multi-platforms and exclusives.

So yeah...turns out I can enjoy Multiplats AND exclusives and happily watch the way BOTH shape the industry. Clearly they both do.

gamingdroid2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

I kind of agree with you. It seems the majority of the best selling games are multi-platform!

Look no further than CoD: Black Ops... It outsold Halo: Reach, which is the staple of Xbox 360!

I BELIEVE the numbers are more than 10 million CoD: Black Ops copies vs. 7 million Halo: Reach copies sold. Both numbers are for Xbox 360 only!

If they world cared about exclusives, we would have seen Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Gran Turismo 5 and so on perform much better, but they DID NOT!!!


"You don't think the 61 MILLION copies the Gran Turismo series has sold so far means anything because it is exclusive?"

That is over the lifetime of the series, want to do one for Call of Duty?

Nobody is saying exclusives don't matter, it just isn't the platform killer or winner it used to be. Basically, being exclusive does not guarantee success anymore than a multi-platform if not the opposite!

"What about the 34 MILLION the Halo series has sold? How about the fact the Msoft's shares rose 1.7% based on the EXPECTED sales of Halo 3 alone? Yup, that exclusive didn't matter."

A 2% variation in stock price is normal for MSFT, so I doubt you can just chalk an uptrend in stock prices on Halo 3. Halo 3's profit is minuscule compared to MS other businesses and almost nobody investing in MS would (or should) care about it....

pangitkqb2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

@ gamingdroid

I completely concur that Multiplats are more profitable, and often enjoy higher sales, than exclusives. Of course they do, they have a shockinly larger audience. It's simply a wise move for the majority of devs to make games available on multiple platforms.

I simply took exception at Sleepy 3's comment that "the world doesn't care about exclusives"... especialy after lumping me in with some undefined group of "guys" that don't "get it." Why did I deserve that? And what justification was provided to show that exclusives apparently do not matter at all anymore?

Look at my first post. Where do I mention anything against multiplats? How about in my second post? My simple assertion that a good succession of exclusives would prove valuable to Sony (not necessarily paramount) was apparently ammo enough to lump me in with "those guys." Who are those guys? And for heaven's sake, I'm all for Multiplats!

So, for the sake of clarity, my response to sleepy 3 was a defense of the remaining value of exclusives, not an attack on multiplats, of which I play many. Btw, I did say "series" for Gran Turismo and Halo. I thought I was pretty plain with that.

And you actually add to my point about Halo and Msoft's stock. The fact that Msoft has so much money in other areas/projects and was still boosted that much by a single, at that point unreleased game, is impressive. In fact, it was impressive enough that it made it into the wiki of the series as well as received coverage in the press. Look at the Halo Series entry on Wikipedia for further interesting points and the value of that exclusive series, both culturally and economically. It's an interesting read. In fact, i'm not even that much of a Halo fan (more of an Uncharted/COD guy), but I can appreciate the phenomenon.

Anyway, gonna go enjoy some great Multiplats tonight. Best to you and game on. Cheers.

gamingdroid2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

"And you actually add to my point about Halo and Msoft's stock. The fact that Msoft has so much money in other areas/projects and was still boosted that much by a single, at that point unreleased game, is impressive."

Actually, what I'm saying is I doubt one can attribute a less than 2% swing in stock price on a product especially one that represent a minuscule amount of the overall profit for MSFT.

pangitkqb2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

@ gamingdroid

Bless your heart, my friend. I'm not the one attributing this rise in the value of Msoft's stock because of the release of Halo 3; just a little no-name publication called THE NEW YORK TIMES. To quote the Time's article:

"Microsoft’s shares rose yesterday by 1.7 percent, closing at $29.56, on the expectation of strong sales. The Halo franchise, which has sold more than 15 million copies since its introduction in 2001, has been Microsoft’s most successful foray into the entertainment business, anchoring the growth of the video game unit."

Read it yourself here:

Again, best to you in your gaming. Cheers!

gamingdroid2895d ago

... and you believe that?

On any common day you can see a 2% swing in MSFT stock. I don't care if it is the New York Times or even Warren Buffet said that.

There is no way you can tell from the usual swings if it is due to Halo 3. It could be a myriad of other things including a big fund buying into MS stock. It is plain ridiculous and I hear it all the time, the stock had a 1% uptick today due to bla bla bla in the news... there is no way you can tell.

But I agree, game on!

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jwatt2896d ago

I don't think sony will drop the price this year! They are not going casual yet like the wii and 360. They have a lot of hardcore titles coming out plus they want to push 3d. If they do a price cut I honestly think it should be for marvel vs capcom and killzone but that would be way too early so before uncharted 3 comes out. If not I think sony will do well without a price cut.

gamingdroid2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

They sort of already has, by bundling consoles with a $50-100 gift card. Sony in conjunction with retailers have nearly never done that, but recently they have all over the place.

That is just short of a price cut!

It wouldn't surprise me if MS followed suit shortly thereafter though....

Loner2896d ago

Michael Pachter and his crystal ball again.
If they do cut price MS will as well

punisher992896d ago

"If they do cut price MS will as well"

If they do. Then how is that gonna actually stop people from buying a PS3?? If people want the PS3 because of the price drop, then they are gonna buy it.

Joni-Ice2896d ago

Yeah hopefully MS drops the price to $99. Then I'll give the 360 another chance. MS screwed me over when the 360 was released.

ipe2896d ago

MS alreadyd have 199$ entry on market and if u can believe its making big part of 360 total sales.
Ps3 doesnt have that yet, so 199$ ps3 would have much bigger impact on sales than lets say 199$ 360 160gb or whatever model.
Also 99$ 360 would mean we re at doorstep to new gen xbox. I firmly believe 99$ 360 wont happen until x720 is announced.

donniebaseball2896d ago

I would bet that 360 will be cut by at least $50 on one or more SKUs, and of course they will use the bundle strategy to throw more in but leave price the same.

Dylantalon12896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Sony will drop price to 200 and I wouldn't be surprised if they introduced a slimmer model ps3 than what's available now

HelghastDrake2896d ago

I think sony should do a shock and awe price drop of $100.00 on each SKU putting the 160 GB at $199.99 and the move console bundle at $299.99, that would guarantee the PS3 to surpass the 360 in a matter of months.

2896d ago
trancefreak2896d ago

does it really matter if they sell past the 360 making less selling more?

Yes more units out there can equate to more software sold and it is all about the games,peripherals and those prices are where the console should be at about 5 years later.

Drop that price Sony you got alot of exclusives this year!

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