USA Total Hardware Sales - DS is now the best selling console ever! write: "Cumulative sales from NPD Group for every console of this and last generation". Enjoy it!

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xtremegamerage2769d ago

Ds is a console now?

I thought it was a handheld.

You cannot and should not ever compare a handheld to a console that sits underneath your tv.

That is just fail.

FailOverHero2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

"Ds is a console now?" no, no it's a calculator!
you thought it was a handheld what? Huh? Handheld thingy that plays games? Handheld machine with buttons to play games?
It is a handheld CONSOLE. PS3, X360 and Wii are HOME CONSOLES. Together, they are all video game CONSOLES.
You cannot and should not ever post a comment again.
That was just fail.

deadreckoning6662769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

"You cannot and should not ever compare a handheld to a console that sits underneath your tv."

The DS is a "portable" gaming console. Whats with the damage control?

LOL @ N4G logic. Good thing these people's opinions don't have any affect on what goes on in the real world.

@Dark_Charizard- Lmao, its amusing to see how devolved the people around here are. The DS can be referred to as a handheld, platform, system, AND portable console...don't know why that fact bothers people so much.

"HOW CAN U COMPARE A portable console to a none portable is beyond me, one is more accesible, cheaper, oriented to even childrens under 9 years old...the OTHER isn't...say again?..."

Okay...first learn how to spell properly, THEN I will give you your answer.

StbI9902769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Come on people, troll, bot, or whatever these three poster before me may be...

HOW CAN U COMPARE A portable console to a none portable is beyond me, one is more accesible, cheaper(u don't need a Tv), oriented to even childrens under 9/7 years old...the OTHER isn't...say again?...

IF it were stated as the best and most sold portable console, ok, aceptable, but what? oh whatever, go nintendo xD

Tony-Red-Grave2769d ago

*clap* the DS outsold a home console from last gen *clap* never compare home consoles to handhelds their aimed at different markets with different intrests but the same core none the less.

but while were on this lets throw in PC and smartphones now the DS isn't so high selling -_- stupid scrubs-noob-newbie etc

Dark_Charizard2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Oh hey deadreckoning666.. long time no c! Since I made my EPIC FAIL video and pissed this whole place off.. lol!

Ducky2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )


Err... how can you compare anything then? O.o

Not all home consoles are the same. One might even be "more accesible, cheaper, oriented to even childrens under 9 years old" ... =/

They're hardware who's main purpose is to play games.

wicko2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Hey guess what? It's also a kind of computer! Maybe we should call it a computer instead.

Following your logic I guess a dirt bike is also a bike, so we should start comparing those sales too. It would be SO useful.

nycredude2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

I am sorry guys but since when did DS become a console?

You guys (Dark Zarizard) are quick to call someone an idiot but please show us when this happened. Last I check it was a handheld, just like the psp.

And what does this have to do with Sony. Your insecurities are obvious. No one above even mentioned Sony! Grow up.

When are we going to start calling cell phones consoles. Aren't computers consoles too?

StbI9902769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

@Fat Both play games, true...but we are talking here of the selling point which is simply out of proportion when comparing such items...

U can't compare a bike to a car can you, let alone how much can both sell out which obviously the bike would win for more of a open field of consumer, nonetheless, both are oriented to the same end.

elmaton982769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Are you stupid or something. The ds is a handheld, not a console, but its seem people is getting confuse about it. Still, the ds can't get any close to the level that the ps2 was.

doG_beLIEfs2769d ago

Think of it this way, a CONSOLE that sits near or under a TV is used by more than 1 person and it STAYS in the home.

A handheld is used usually by 1 person and it can go anywhere.

So a family of four could have ONE HOME console that they all use, while they each could have a HANDHELD for themselves.

So one family of four could have 4 is not hard to imagine what would sell more.

This comparison is ridiculous....IMO

StbI9902769d ago


"It's like comparing a car to a bike" only bare idiots can do so.

elmaton982769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Dark you are even more stupid than failovermydickheadhero. Sony ps3 is great, the best gaming console out there with more exclusive games. People tend to go with the cheaper and not so good version of anything that why the 360 is dominating over Sony but not ninty

Ducky2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )


It's not about comparisons. That's why I said that since all home consoles are different, you wouldn't be able to compare them.

We aren't here trying to discuss which console is "best". The point of this article is which console has sold the most in NorthAmerica.

This is nothing but statistics. If there was a list of "Best Selling Vehicles" then both Cars and Bikes would be included because a vehicle is anything used for transportation. Even airplaines, cruise liners, and segways would be included.

Similarly, the term 'Console' means a device that plays games. You can call something a 'Handheld console' or a 'Home console' to be more specific, but they are both consoles.

multipayer2769d ago

It is purely a gaming system and the best selling one, rightfully so. What if I hooked it to my TV, is it now a Home Console? It would easily be on par with alot of the older ones... It is like saying the DS has no equal when it is exactly like a super nintendo with two screens. There isn't a logical comparison to anything else...

mikeslemonade2769d ago

I fucking hate you Nintendo! I'm pirating your games ahahahhahaha. Nintendo doesn't deserve mu money.

StbI9902769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

"We aren't here trying to discuss which console is "best". The point of this article is which console has sold the most in NorthAmerica. "

Exactly?, now try reading that quote from yourself, adding this for a plus.

Point number "1" - One if a handheld system, let put it for a cellphone.
Point number "2" - One is a household phone wireless or wired phone system.
Point number "3" - Both has the same end, make call, receive them, communication etc , so both can be called comunication consoles aye? but that is not the point right? if not how much they has sold.
Point number "4" - How much can a standalone product sell against a general none one? bastantly better.

Point number "5" Do I need one? oh d fck can you compare them then?, because they make call? lol

Now, say again?

elmaton982769d ago

To those who disagreed with me tell me why the 360 is better than the ps3. ( and don't don't come to me with live or better exclusive (cause, as we all know, live is good but the games are the best on the ps3))

plenty a tool2769d ago

hold on, everyone told me on here that america is xboxs home turf. thats why they are holding the ps3 over there.

you know just like the first xbox did to the ps2. you know, its microsofts turf.....

DORMIN2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

All I see is US numbers? Oh wait US = World right?

Also, do you guys realize those numbers include all FOUR variations of the DS?

I don't know why people are surprised about the DSs beating the PS2 numbers considering how popular video games have become. This number will only continue to be challenged by the next generations.

Biggest2769d ago

deadreckoning666 said: "Okay...first learn how to spell properly, THEN I will give you your answer."

No you won't. You have fewer bubbles than the 360 has new games.

I can understand a handheld gaming system being called a console because its main purpose is playing games. I'm not sure if it matters either way. Maybe people care because sales numbers are their lifeblood and they really, really need their home console to win the prize that is handed out at the end of the whateverthehell.

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Tinasumsum2769d ago

I think the person posting this news must of read the article saying Kinect was the fastest selling platform in history.

Azmacna2769d ago

exactly what i thought. the media are so keen on toppling Sony that they are even rebranding hardware in order to take yet another record from Sony. sorry, as much as i think the DS is fabulous and well worth a purchase, and as much as i can admire its sales, it ISN'T a console, it's a HANDHELD. what next, phones are consoles?

elmaton982769d ago

No but your right. The ps2 was an only version while the ds had, I don't know like 4 versions of it ( dsi, dsl, dsxl, 3ds) I don't know

Seferoth752769d ago

If people wanted to do that, they'd just cut their sales numbers in half to make up for the fact it had a huge failure rate and Sony had to be sued to fix it.

Hell Wii and DS both have games that sold over 20 million and PS2 didnt have a single one. That says something about how big the actual install base was when a console with half the units sold is selling 20mmillion units of games and the PS2 barely broke 15 with a couple of games

Nugan2769d ago

This article was originally written in Italian. The original article does use the word "console," but do we know if the argument we're having would even apply to the Italian definition of that word?

For example: Would you object if the article had said "video game system" or "video game platform" instead of console? Without really understanding the full meaning of the words in this article in Italian--instead of depending on a rough translation by Google--it's hard to attack the writer's word choice.

Also: To those saying this is anti-Sony propaganda, this comes from for god's sake.

Christopher2769d ago

Why does anyone care who has sold the most, especially when one of the comparisons is of a last generation console?

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Astaroth802769d ago

No, you're right. So, is DS a cake?

FailOverHero2769d ago

Yup, it just happens to play games when it isn't busy being eaten

Main_Street_Saint2768d ago

Fun and tasty? Sign me up! I want a piece of the d-pad.

Tony-A2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

It's a platform and a handheld.

eagle212769d ago

keep showing the naysayers Nintendo.... :)

Dark_Charizard2769d ago

Can you please say something else now?

GamerSciz2769d ago

Actually the numbers are wrong according to Wikipedia. How accurate those numbers are is another question.

As of 2008 the PS2 has sold 50mil in the US alone.

sleepy32769d ago


You do know ANYONE can edit wikipedia right? Try doing a paper for any university and citing wikipedia as a source and see what happens.

Parapraxis2769d ago

You do know that information on Wikipedia is fact checked and in most cases needs to be cited...right?
And many universities do not allow Wiki, however all one needs to do is cite the source article.

You don't know what you are talking about ;)

wicko2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

You do know that wiki articles have sources unless otherwise stated right? So anyone can confirm them?

EDIT: Hah, parapraxis beat me to it.


U are so right, i was gonna say the same thing. Any one can edit wikipedia.

ct032769d ago

A search in the ScienceDirect database for academic and scientific journal articles citing Wikipedia in their references, yields the following result:
2009 --- 614

Hate to break it to you, but Wikipedia has become an accepted source in academic circles. It has been used in court. And numerous comparisons against the biggest and most well-known encyclopedias in the world have shown Wikipedia hold its own.

Want to read more on the topic of reliability? Go here, obviously everything is referenced and sourced:

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Dread2769d ago

you know the title says they are US numbers.

I wonder why you felt the need to repeat somthing the title says and everyone knows. Insecure much?

wotta2769d ago

No its just everyone in the comments seems to think the US is the whole world, it isn't you know.


We all know is in the usa. Its like u sony fany boys always find a way to twist facts.Even tho its in the usa alone im sure u do know the usa market is very important to companys.

m23452769d ago

so is worldwide sales.

DelbertGrady2769d ago

Except no one tracks worldwide sales so it's impossible to have an objective opinion about them.

Although I KNOW for sure that the PS3 is ahead in sales on other planets than Earth.

Earth does not equal the universe!!