Sony: We'll fix Trophies jailbreak threat

CVG: Platform holder aware of and looking into hacks, it says

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Acquiescence2895d ago

but Sony are largely responsible for many of my favourite games and two of my favourite consoles (PS1 and PS3, Dreamcast out-did the PS2 imho) and backing some awesome developers who have released risky titles that no one else would've touched (I'm speaking of Quantic Dream, thatgamecompany and Team ICO for instance). I'm thankful to them for that and I'll always root for them over the hackers who have done nothing for me. Nada. Zip.

Godspeed [2]

blackburn52895d ago

Damn straight. I would rather support the 'evil corporation' who has given me great games and good service for years then some overconfident punk looking for attention @ Zir0. If you must troll at least say something clever. you talk as if Sony is a single entity like everyone else does. Do you think that everyone in the whole company gathered together to win the court case? Their legal department is dealing with the court case. While this is going on their programmers and hackers are probably working to counteract this.Always good to hear your ignorant prattle

VenomProject2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

I love it. A company makes money, therefore they are evil.

It's called capitalism, you know? That thing that feeds you every week when you get your paycheck?

Some people need to grow the hell up.

Also, bubbles for both of you.

DigitalAnalog2895d ago

Littlebigplanet 2
Killzone 2
Ico/SoTC collection
Infamous 2
Motorstorm: Apocalypse
Resistance 3
PixelJunk shooter 2
Twisted Metal
Yakuza 4
Socom 4
WKCII (stated to have part I included)
Uncharted 3
The Last Guardian

They put all these games along with Portal 2, Deus Ex, RAGE, Crysis 2. WORST of all, they're putting out Limited/Collector's edition of these exclusives.

How can they be so TRULY evil? Have they no mercy to our wallets?

-End of Line

Commander_TK2895d ago

"Big Evil Corporation".

LMFAO. Hahahahahaha! U serious? U know how pathetic that makes u sound? Lol, I'm still laughing.

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acky12895d ago

love ya sony, I'm rootin' for ya too :)
Sony 'til I die

GodofSackboy2895d ago

You are not a true Sony admitted it on PSN...

r1sh122895d ago

Sony will probably patch the trophy hack, but once its patched hackers will create a new hack.
Cat and mouse is about to get into a long war.

ravinash2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

That might be true.

I'm just hoping that their monitoring the system so anything where a user get all their trophies at the exact same time gets all their trophies deleted.
I'm sure they can change the system so the date the database was updated for each trophie will be seperate from the date the trophie produces on the console.
That sort of change they will not be able to hack without hacking into Sony's database.

Hacking the trophies is the most pointless thing in the world, because anyone will see you hacked by the dates you got all the won't be fooling anyone.

Blaze9292895d ago

trophies are a security issue now? Shit just got real.

ShAkKa2895d ago

You're loving this hack situation, aren't you?

rockleex2895d ago

Yea, because Sony's just gonna tell the whole world EXACTLY how they'll fix it so that the hackers can prepare for Sony's updates. -_-"

fr0sty2895d ago

while the trophies may have random timestamps, it doesn't change the fact that they are all submitted to sony's servers at the same time. unless they put in a feature to gradually unlock each trophy over a period of time, sony could easily snoop out the cheaters.

mrblackc2895d ago

Sony can't just assume someones trophy's aren't legitimate because they're all submitted to Sony's servers at the same time. Think about people who aren't signed on to PSN for months at a time. When they finally do, all of their new trophy's are then uploaded and synced at the same time. Sony's going to have to dig a little deeper than just this..

fr0sty2893d ago

you make a good point.

King-Leonidas2895d ago

thank you!! id hate to work hard to get a trophy and see some loser get 100% in just 1 min

wu-stix2895d ago

It happened with MW2. One of the many reasons that made me give the game up.

alex33692895d ago

its a trophy..... DEAL WITH IT. also they should focus on cfw's cause psn is gonna be doomed if they cant counter it.

sinncross2895d ago

Did anyone else notice that the article used the exact same quote from Sony twice?

siyrobbo2895d ago

do trophies have timestamps like achievements? its easy to spot a gamerscore hacker on XBOX live as they unlock online achievements while offline, and also get all online achievements at the same time, i would imagine it would be easy to spot trophy hackers as well

seriously don't see what people get out of cheating things like this, it really is beyond sad

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Zir02896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Thats the exact same automated reply they gave about the general exploit and still they have done nothing.

Really is looking like they can't do anything.

Seems like they are taking their time though. I'm sure they had dealt with the USB hack by now. The had time to make a case against the hackers but they still haven't fixed anything.

GSpartan7772896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

LOL do you expect firmware updates every 24 hour? Firmwares have to be tested before release because it can break certain features of the PS3 if not done right. Besides trophy hacks don't harm anyone, except the hardcore trophy hunters who feel cheated, which is why they have no reason to rush it. They're also not going to release a simple firmware to stop just one hack and are probably planning something major such as putting road blocks security for the next one which will make it harder to break into future updates.

jerethdagryphon2895d ago

additionally because the hack was released sony willbe testing firmware patches and stuff agaisnt that to see what can block it

as for trophiey there a sign of skill and dedication in some games a mirrors edge platinium is worth far far more then a assassins creed platinium cause of the difficulty forged trophys takes other peoples work and cheapens it

sonic unleashed platinium on is held by about 10% of the owners of the game
it is a rediculouly hard and fiddly game
it may harm only the hardcore but thats still enough people to warrent effort to help

beavis4play2895d ago

so geno - i guess when these hackers get tired of trophies and move on to people on psn with credit card won't be big deal except to the people who get their numbers stolen?

grow up.

mrblackc2895d ago


Hacking your own PS3 to receive unintended results is alot different from hacking into Sony's secure servers and stealing credit card info. The PS3 hack opens the system pretty wide to hackers, but its not going to grant you access like this..

and even if it did, VISA/MC/etc covers consumer fraud and the end user wouldn't end up losing a dime anyways.


Firmware updates every :)

lazysey2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )


last i recalled the ps3 was a pc. before it got neutered. (otheros)

fireplace2895d ago


It still is. (mandatory game installs)

dkgshiz2895d ago

Its been hacked. People will just continue to hack it no matter what now. These firmware updates will probably take these hackers a matter of a week to crack them again. Its never ending.

cochise3132895d ago

This jail break sh!t is getting out of control. Broke ass people need to learn to buy games and enjoy them, instead of pirating them and stealing trophies. Smh @ these douche bags.

AceofStaves2895d ago

Exactly. This entitlement crap has to stop. If you want it, buy it. If you can't afford games, get a new, cheaper hobby. It's not that hard to figure out.

Theft is theft.

vickers5002895d ago

Piracy isn't theft.

The definition of theft is to TAKE (keyword here being TAKE, which means someone steals something, and then that certain something is GONE, which is why piracy cannot be called theft, because the original copy is still there).

It may not be moral, but it is most definitely not theft.

And sorry, cochise313, but not everyone can buy everything they want, some people have to spend all their money on things they need and have nothing left over to spend on things they enjoy.

Maybe it's just me, but I think those people should get to enjoy themselves every once and while when they can't afford it. Plus, it's not really hurting anybody when you look at it: it's not like pirates would have bought the game in the first place, so no profit is actually being lost (unless they're seeding/sharing it with other users who would have potentially bought it, but there aren't many of those).

People that don't buy any games though and ONLY pirate are scumbags though.

I spend a LOT of money on games, and I do download something every now and then, but only to test it out and use it for a demo to see if I would like the game at all (there's only been one game I've beaten that I downloaded, and I eventually ended up buying that, and as for the others, well I haven't even made it 2/5ths of the way through anything I've ever downloaded besides that one, I just use them for demos).

Besides, if you've EVER watched a movie at someone elses house, then you are the EXACT same type type of person that a pirate is. You are experiencing something for free, something YOU DIDN'T PAY FOR, so if any of you have ever done that, then you are a hypocrite. You may try to justify that by saying "oh well that's legal", which would be completely f*cking stupid, because unless you're a complete moron, you would know that legality=/=morality.

hesido2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )


Your home movie viewing analogy is simply wrong. There's nothing wrong with it, morally or legally. It is not the same thing as piracy.

The movie in such a case can be viewed at one place only, and the dvd sale gives you the right for home viewing with whomever you want (mind you, I'm not talking about public viewing of the said DVD)

And you giving out your game disk or selling it to a friend is JUST as legal. Or your friend coming to your house to play it..

However, copying the said game with the ability to play it on multiple instances at the same time, without the need to have a physical proof of purchase is not legal.

"I wouldn't have bought it anyway" can be sometimes true, but sometimes not true at all. You might have bought a game when the price had gone down. You may sell the game to a friend or get back its store credit if you didn't like it.. But piracy makes all of this so "convenient", doesn't it? You don't even have to have paid for it. If you wouldn't have bought it anyway, maybe you shouldn't have played it anyway? There are lots of alternatives for entertainment, some are extremely cheap, some are even free, and most(!) are legal. Why not try those instead?

vickers5002895d ago

"Your home movie viewing analogy is simply wrong."

No, the same thing is still happening here. Someone is still enjoying something for free without paying for it, there is no difference.

Lets go under the assumption for a minute that everybody would have bought the movie in the first place. This guy who just bought a blu-ray copy of the dark knight over to his house and has a viewing party, well every single one of those people were potential customers, so money has been lost, and even if they weren't potential customers, they still saw something for free without paying for it.

You may say that public viewing parties are wrong, but they do it in schools all the time, not only with educational movies.

"You might have bought a game when the price had gone down. You may sell the game to a friend or get back its store credit if you didn't like it."

Perhaps, but I think that one comes down to the person's patience or lack there of. If everyone is playing and talking about a game like Fallout 3 at the time, then some people can't wait, and I wouldn't blame them for it. Besides, some of them (if they liked the game) would purchase it later when they could afford it, so piracy isn't all bad.

"And you giving out your game disk or selling it to a friend is JUST as legal."

Remember, legality=/=morality. Giving your game disc to a friend or selling it to a friend is essentially the same thing as piracy. You beat the game, have no use for it since you've enjoyed everything about it, then move on and sell it to someone else who does the same, then they do the same, then it goes on and on, with not a single penny other than the original purchase price going to the people who made it. Sure, that's legal, but when you look at what's ACTUALLY HAPPENING, it's no different than piracy, it's just piracy on a smaller scale (which can also be the case for people downloading stuff, they can control how many/if any people can get the download from them in the first place).

"If you wouldn't have bought it anyway, maybe you shouldn't have played it anyway?"

You ask why, but I ask, why not? I guess it depends on the persons interest/like/dislike in the game of how it affects the outcome of the purchase. If it's a worthy piece of entertainment, then sure, I advise anyone to pay for something they enjoy. Not immediately, but at least at some point. If it's a POS that was poorly made and/or broken, then why should someone pay to get ripped off? If someone did like the game but had to pirate it, then I would imagine (if they were anything like me) that they would eventually buy it later on and want to support the devs, so piracy can also be good as well. After all, demos usually don't tell you sh*t about the game, and you only get demos for great games in rare instances, so pirating a game to try it out can actually help sales in a way.

As I said before though, if someone never buys a game and only pirates (or mostly pirates) and already decides before they play something that they aren't going to spend their money on any game, then they are filthy scum. But I don't see a problem with someone who regularly buys games or who tries to buy their games most of the time pirating every once and a while. The industry does tend to rip us off and charge us premium price for things we have played before (CoD) or just plain broken games (CoD), so the occasional pirated material is okay every once and a while, just so long as they are supporting or at least try to support the devs that they like.

hesido2895d ago

@vickers: Just because two different things can share some features, doesn't mean they are the same (and exactly(!) the same). Not paying for watching a movie at your friends house is not piracy, because of the points I mentioned. You should know better.

By the same token: If your friend buys you a dinner, you are enjoying it for free without paying for it, you are a pirate. See what I did there? You cannot over-simplify things: If I made the same generalization, you'd go on to say how the extra lunch is already paid for, but you buy the movie once etc etc.

How about your friend lending his car for a leisure trip outside the city. Sure, the companies would have liked you to have bought a car for it, or at least the car rentals would have liked you to rent it, but it is not IMMORAL of your friend just because you are enjoying the car for free.

Quoting your really bold claim:
"Besides, if you've EVER watched a movie at someone elses house, then you are the EXACT same type type of person that a pirate is."

No, you are NOT the exact type of pirate as you claim if you watch a movie at a friends house.

"Giving your game disc to a friend or selling it to a friend is essentially the same thing as piracy."
No, it isn't, because there's only one instance of the disk. You cannot enjoy it at the same time on separate consoles. When you sell it, you also give up the right to enjoy it further.
With piracy, you can, at the conveninence of your home, re-voke your rights by simply running the game that is conveniently stored. If you do

Selling your game is not an an immoral act like you want to make it sound, which is very odd because you also seem to rationalize piracy. You cannot do so by trying to make morally AND legally "ok" things look like they are exactly piracy.

I'm not directly confronting some of your points, I'm confronting your bold claims about what accounts as piracy.

vickers5002894d ago

"No, it isn't, because there's only one instance of the disk."

So what if there's only one instance of the disk? People are still enjoying the content on the disk without contributing a single cent to the developers. It doesn't matter how many discs there are.

"You cannot enjoy it at the same time on separate consoles. When you sell it, you also give up the right to enjoy it further."

What if you've already gotten everything you can out of that disc? You already have had the maximum amount of entertainment that the disc can give you, and you sell it to your friend and they get the maximum amount of entertainment that they can get and they sell it to another friend and it goes on and on and not a single dollar goes to supporting the developer, all the while people are enjoying something without giving credit to the person who actually created what they're enjoying. Not a single cent is going to the developers, which is what people hate about piracy, isn't it? Not supporting the developers? That's the main argument point that people use, is that piracy is wrong because they're not supporting the developers. Well guess what, no one in this instance is supporting the developers except the original person who bought the game, just like in piracy, someone had to originally buy the game to share it online. There's no real difference between the two when you look at what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

I'm confused about what you think is moral. Let's first get that out of the way, and you tell me what your main problem with piracy is, because if it's that developers do not get anything from it, then you cannot logically tell me that selling/giving away a game disc from person to person is any different.

The place where you seem to make the distinction, is that you think it's okay that so long as the original person who sold the disc no longer has the ability to enjoy themselves with that disc, then it's okay for another person to enjoy themselves with their disc. Basically you don't want people to enjoy themselves, and that justifies the devs not getting any money and makes it okay, so long as only one person at a time is enjoying themselves. That just seems selfish (and don't get into piracy being selfish, I know it is, I'm just looking at your logic right now).

I'm not trying to rationalize piracy to the point of it being a moral thing to do, I'm just trying to tell people that it's nowhere in the same league as theft. With theft, a thief breaks into a store and takes a magazine/book/newspaper and leaves with that item. With piracy, a person breaks into the store, makes a copy of that magazine/book/newspaper and leaves with the original magazine/book/newspaper intact.

Piracy may be wrong, but it's certainly not the same as stealing.

hesido2894d ago

@vickers: Just as selling your game disc is not exactly like piracy, piracy is not exactly like stealing. So we at least should agree on those parts! My walls of text originated from the fact that you stated viewing a movie at a friend's house is exactly piracy :)

Thanks for the discussion, I see your points.

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