Insufficient Funds: Digital: A Love Story

Alex Cronk-Young writes: Insufficient Funds is a weekly post in which we feature a free, or very close to it, piece of media that you can enjoy without overdrafting your bank account. So if you're low on funds, stay tuned to Cerebral Pop every Friday morning.

I don't usually stay up to date on the indie gaming scene, but every once in awhile a game is heralded enough to warrant my immediate attention. This was the case with Digital: A Love Story. Several people whose opinions I greatly respect listed it among their favorite games of the year, so I decided I should probably get around to playing it. After all, it's free to boot.

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crazytown992889d ago

I was kind of skeptical, too, but it really does draw you in. And if you don't play it full-screen, you're doing it wrong.

RogueCheddar2887d ago

Going to give this a try, thanks for the recommendation.