Rumour: Rumble-enhanced Sixaxis to appear at TGS?

Speaking to an insider, Pro-G has learned that Sony is now supporting rumble for its Sixaxis controller as revealed in the latest System Development Kit (SDK) sent to developers on Thursday. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, SDKs are essentially packages of tools given to programmers enabling them to develop applications for a specific platform, in this case, Sony's PlayStation 3.

With this year's Toyko Game Show starting imminently, and with developers being handed the tools to implement rumble a mere week before the show kicks off, the unveiling of a redesigned Sixaxis controller seems likely.

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THC CELL3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

September 20, 21 = Business Days
September 22, 23 = Open to the Public

Lightning Mr Bubbles3689d ago

Sony would be dumb not to. Everyone is predicting it.

xhi43689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

DAYUMM. HAZE, UT3 RUMBLE MADNESSS. Oh yerr just imagine, motorstorm and resistance rumble patches, ratchet and clank, heavenly sword (patch), uncharted drakes fortune, orange box, gran turismo prolouge filled with yummy rumble goodness and sweet motion control......*salivates*

*disregards LAIR* haha really couldn't care less about that rumble, probably make the control even worse aye.

And i mean if they've given the tools to developers to add rumble in their games, and everyone such as hinting that it will be revealed at TGS, i mean it is extremely likely.

OHHHHHHHH and PS2 Rumble enabled games, via a firmware and BOOM we're in business.

Hatchetforce3689d ago

1up is reporting the same thing in their broadcast stating the controller will be on stage. This isn't just rumble added but rather something more developed. Touch Sense.

xhi43689d ago

you would have to be the most insightful brilliant person on Props to you mate!

And wow, touch sense....that is quite incredible. This makes me so happy :D *grins widely*


TechWiz3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Sony didn't lie rumble was old gen., and Touch Sense is new gen.

I think they should call the controller Six-Sense.

According to the Article looks like the ps2 can use the controller with a firmware update. If that's the case I bet the Xbox-360 will have it too.

PS3GamerFix3689d ago

It is in Sony's best interest to come with that 40GB SKU packed with a rumble sixaxis controller for 399$. They do that... and its a wrap!

Lightning Mr Bubbles3689d ago

but, hell yeah that would certainly make sense for Sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.