Breaking News: Clone Of IGF Nominated Desktop Dungeons Taken Down From iTunes App Store have breaking news that the Desktop Dungeons clone revealed late last year has been taken down from the iTunes app store, which as you can imagine, came as great news to the small development team at QCF Design.

QCF Design have also provided an official comment on the entire series of events.

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WobblyOnion2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Huzzah! I'm glad that even on a repository of clones, developers do have the ability to protect their intellectual property.

GavinMannion2831d ago

Very glad to see Apple finally doing something against the clones... we have to support the Indie guys if we really want to keep gaming growing

Ognipode2831d ago

This is fantastic news for indie devs!!

Winkle922831d ago

Yeah Im happy that the indie devs are doing well but disappointed we dont get such a great game on the iphone. I would have loved to play it...

Ognipode2829d ago

Desktop Dungeons will be releasing on the iDevices when its done!