Black Ops Remains Top In Nordic Charts

Activision continues to dominate the combined Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden charts for the week ending January 8.

Black Ops refuses to move in a week that sees no new releases enter the chart. Brother at arms Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood also remains steadfastly at number two, but Gran Turismo 5 tumbles from three to seven as FIFA 2011, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, The Sims 3 and New Super Mario Brothers all leave it for dust.

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Chaos232831d ago

same old COD ..... like it always is

SpinalRemains1382830d ago

LMAO Scandinavian violence at its finest! I always knew the Finns were up to no good and violent.

KillerBBs2830d ago

OMG this game is horrible! This and Gears are the only two games were you can shoot someone in the back and they can turn around and kill you first. This title is broken... having a jump on someone means nothing!